Omentum: introduced with ‘Curmudgeon’ video

Omentum 2017 Curmudgeon

Johannesburg, South Africa: metal – and especially doom metal – is often attributed to being dark and ominous in character. However, there are more than enough great examples where tongue-in-cheek and humour becomes evident in the various sub-genres. Locally, the latest band to adopt the “lighter” side of dark is Omentum. Today, the band introduces it’s musical self with the release of it’s first single ‘Curmudgeon’, and which includes a lyric video (bottom of page).

Describing themselves as “Comedic Brutal Doom Metal”, the members of Omentum bring us a much needed chuckle in one of the darkest hours of post-apartheid South African politics today. Consisting of members Alec Larsen and Simon Werner of Surdus – a band with a more serious tone and which released it’s debut album late last year – the two join forces with Chelsea Mulock-Bentley with all three on bass guitar!

“The lyrics to all the songs are tongue-in-cheek and taking the piss. Musically, we were inspired by the heaviness of Black Tongue and felt like we wanted to go in that direction. Initially, we investigated getting 6 string guitars set-up in standard E tuning but an octave lower but found this quite impractical. The next logical step would be 8 strings but we find them uncomfortable. So we decided to all play bass guitars, similar to Extinction Level Event.” ~ Alec Larsen (vocals/bass/programming, Omentum)

Captured in the video are amusing images from a whopping seventy participants, even including some personalities from abroad such as Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est), Gareth Murdock (Alestorm) and Stephane Barbe (Kataklysm), showing that it’s not all gloom in the lands of doom.

The band is currently rallying to attract a drummer which will propel Omentum towards the gig circuit in 2017. Further plans for this year include at least the release of an EP, although no further details are being offered at this time.

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