Peasant: EP arrival announced with video

Peasant 2016 press - by Jurie Neethling

Cape Town, South Africa: can you imagine letting this lot loose in your living room? Local venue owner Antonio Manuel must have thought the same, and so offered up the backstage room at ROAR live music venue instead for the filming of hardcore band Peasant‘s latest music video, ‘Heed The Will’, which was released today.

“The video was filmed by our good friends Duran Levinson, Jay Thomson and Gerhard de Kock. All three of them have either been directly involved, or had siblings in the Cape Town punk community, and it was great to see everyone get together and pull finger for the video. We can’t thank them enough!” ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

Of course, the editor at M4A would never be satisfied only a trashed living room to show for the effort. We went on to find out more about why now – why this? As it turns out, Peasant are ready to release their next EP and it will arrive as early at Tuesday with the five-track No Love; which as it turns out, is in itself only a part of a greater work in motion.

“A couple months ago we recorded ten tracks that were meant to come out on an LP. But because it makes it easier to afford, and because we have some other plans in the pipeline for next year, we’ve decided we would release the ten tracks rather as two separate EP’s.” ~ Pieter Jordaan

In the meantime, put away the glassware and grandma’s antique furniture, then watch this video.

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