Peasant joins USA’s Magrudergrind for SA tour

Magrudergrind SA tour 2016 poster

Cape Town, South Africa: New York grindcore band Magrudergrind have toured much of the Northern hemisphere, including their home country in the USA, throughout Europe, South-East Asia and Japan. In June, they will visit the Southern hemisphere for the first time by stopping off in South Africa, touring alongside Cape Town Hardcore locals Peasant.

“Its a massive deal for us. Magrudergrind is personally one of my all-time favourites and its pretty surreal to be able to hit South Africa with them in June. I was lucky enough to run into the guys on a trip to New York City last year and we had managed to keep contact ever since. Talk of tour happened a couple months ago and now we’re making it happen. Meeting up again is gonna super fun.” ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

The tour will cover South Africa’s largest urban centers, and including the smaller Eastern Cape student town of Grahamstown. For Peasant, this will be the first time hitting the roads at such a large scale following their two previous forays into Gauteng and Durban with the launch of their 2014 Dead Hand and 2015 Circles EPs. Apart from the tour, Pieter offers a few whispers of more news to come from Peasant really soon, with the band having undergone some significant changes in recent months.

As to Magrudergrind, the guys are no doubt thrilled to be following the footsteps of Sweden’s God Mother who were also recently hosted by NoiseFix who are promoting tours for this sector of the extreme music market. Magrudergrind have also just released their first full-length album in six years with II via Relapse Records in 2016, which makes this an exciting time for them to be breaking new territories. Producer of the album, Kurt Ballou, has said the following of the band:

“One of extreme music’s most distinctive modern acts, a punishing hybrid of grindcore, powerviolence and hardcore punk!” ~ Kurt Ballou (Converge)

Follow developments with the tour at the official facebook event page.

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