Persona: Elusive Reflections album out now

Personal press picture by Seth Photography

Tunis, Tunisia: Tunisian metal band Persona, who have roots in a wide range of genres and sub-genres, have released their long awaited debut full length album Elusive Reflections on Friday (see our review here). We first caught up with Persona in April 2015 (see article here) when hints were dropped that a video for the single ‘Blinded’ would soon be released, which consequently appeared in May 2015 (see article here), and have since been waiting with baited breath for the release of Elusive Reflections.

With the album having been completed for almost a year already, it has finally been released by the band themselves on 12 February 2016. It is available as hardcopy, and has also been made available digitally via major channels such as iTunes, Apple Music, AmazonMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify, and more. For hardcopy orders (and another digital option), the public can purchase via Bandcamp.

“We have been searching for a label since the release of the video for ‘Blinded’. We’ve had a couple of offers but we couldn’t come to an agreement that would satisfy both parties.” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa (guitars, Persona)

Persona: Elusive Reflections 2016Other members of the band also commented on the release, which has been self-funded and, amazingly, self-recorded in a bedroom with final mixing and mastering done by Gwen Kerjan of Slab Sound Studios in France.

“For a debut album done with very limited means and without the support of a label, I am quite happy with the results. It’s a good start. One can feel all the efforts that we’ve put in its making. Now we have to work harder and become more mature as a band. Our aim is to get our music known by more people and do some gigs outside of Tunisia.” ~ Youssef “Joe” (drums, Persona)

“I am very happy for how Elusive Reflections turned out to be, and I am looking forward to working on the next album. The second album should be done with a bigger budget and with more of Persona’s identity.” ~ Yosri (guitars, Persona)

“For a first album, which has been released with a very tiny budget collected mostly from the very few and not-so-well-paid gigs we played in the previous years; and in a politically non-stable country where music and ‘metal’ specifically is sadly neglected, and a metal scene almost absent; it is already a great start which makes me personally much more excited to keep working hard and why not to aim success at an international level. In other words, the release of Elusive Reflections in such poor conditions is a very interesting and a really encouraging step for us to work harder, with a higher confidence in ourselves and in each other for an insured success.” ~ Nesrine (Bass, Persona)

The stunning album artwork was created by the Tunisian artist Bader Klidi, also known in the local metal circles for having worked with Myrath.

“The big mirror is a real mirror that we have in our living room! Bader shot a picture of Jelena in front of it and added his magic, et voilà! Since the album title had already been decided, we had to work on something related to reflections, so this big ass mirror seemed the perfect fit.” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa

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