Persona: ‘Forgotten’ video displays thriving scene

Personal press picture by Seth Photography

Tunis, Tunisia: this North African state has been contributing it’s own fair share of talented rock and metal acts to the global genre pool for some years. Emerging to prominence since 2015 is the band Persona, and more so following the release of it’s debut album Elusive Reflections in February 2016, along with a series of music videos including for the tracks ‘Blinded‘ and ‘Somebody Else‘.

Following in the wake of much acclaim for their first album offering, the band continues to output video content whilst writing has begun on a follow up album. The latest video offering features the song ‘Forgotten’ from Elusive Reflections and displays scenes from a live concert in Tunis. Filmed in 2015 by Seth Cartagena (Seth Photography) and Marwen Faidi (Sparta Productions), the footage appears to display a healthy love for rock and metal music thriving in Tunis.

A member of the band briefly describes other current activities for Persona:

“We are already working on the second album, and at this point all I know is that it’s going to be heavier and darker.” ~ Melik Melek Khelifa (guitar, Persona)