PitVirus: State Of The Nation out now

PitVirus 2016 State Of The Nation

Johannesburg, South Africa: formed by charismatic and known figures within the greater underground and alternative scenes of South Africa, PitVirus arrive with a bang as something of a supergroup. Comprised of members from bands – current and former – such as Chris van der Walt on guitar (The Black Cat Bones, Boargazm), Marc Junius on bass (The Drift, All Forlorn), Thomas Hughes on drums (Haggis And Bong, Fuzigish, Vulvodynia, All Forlorn) and no less than the legendary David Beretta Owens on vocals, famed from his days fronting the band Lithium during the 90s.

In a press release to announce the release of their debut EP State Of The Nation today, PitVirus has been described as:

“With political and social commentary and catchy grooves, this is a modern protest band. Spontaneity was the name of the game, but the groove – which they felt was so often missing in the ultra-complex, noise-driven metal of this decade – was the most important item on the agenda.” ~ PitVirus, via Plug Media

The project was begun at drummer Tom’s studio as far back as 2014. Only once the instruments were recorded did the hunt for a suitable vocalist begin, and Dave Owens was approached.

“After hearing the tracks, Dave immediately said yes! PitVirus promised him everything he loves as a vocalist; from raw screams and catchy melodies to beautiful harmonies. Focusing lyrically on real issues facing South Africa and the world in general, songs like ‘Xeno Man’, ‘Shed my Load’ and ‘Firepool’ emerged naturally from the slow and grinding or fast and punky hooks of the music, transforming them into anthems of protest.” ~ PitVirus, via Plug Media

PitVirus are also said to be working on their first full-length album with hopes for release before the end of the current year, and with a promise of all new songs.

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