Polar Dust: Dose Of My Dark Side new video

Polar Dust 2015 press photo

Johannesburg, South Africa: Post Rock band Polar Dust has unveiled its latest music video in a series of three which follows a similar artistic theme and concept. ‘Dose of My Dark Side’ was formally launched at a screening which took place at The Bohemian Pub in Westdene on Saturday 09 July, followed by the online unveiling on 10 July.

Dose of My Dark Side

The band’s debut album Into the Burning Water, released in November 2014, was preceded by the first two videos in the series featuring the singles ‘Drown In You’ and ‘Deep End’. This third chapter has been long-awaited, with the overall project spanning more than two years. A spokesperson for the band explains the concept to us:

“The first two videos, ‘Drown in You’ and ‘Deep End’ tell the story of the kidnapping of the front woman of the band by a religious and fanatical cult from the backstage of her concert area. Once captured, she is baptized and forced to assimilate into the cult, where she appears to form a nervous relationship with a young male in the cult. However, just when you think she has fallen to Stockholm syndrome, she manages to escape late one night with the help of a young child only to be captured once again. The videos were directed by Jacques Oldfield and took over a year to film. Most of the footage was shot at an old family farm house just outside Kempton Park.”

Polar Dust has been eating into its fair share of circuit shows, including appearing at the recent South African Metal Music Awards ceremony in Gauteng. Below are the videos in chronological order, with the latest release appearing at the bottom.

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