Premonitions: Showcase of CT Underground Metal

And so we continue full tilt into another year of exciting metal releases and gigs. We’ve only just managed to get over our 2014 head-banging hangover from being blown away by the likes of Kataklysm, Sepultura, Konkhra and one almighty Behemoth show! We’ve somehow managed to survive yet another insane M4A onslaught at SummerFest’15 and we’re about to embark on a dreamlike series of events which includes seeing Ministry perform live in South Africa and the celestial collection of bands, both local and international, that are gracing (or disgracing) the stage at the largest metal festival ever put on in Africa, Witchfest Open Air!

We have a lot for which to be thankful.

Not least of which is the rich vein of local talent so abundantly available to us, the die-hard fans.

And it is with this in mind that The United Underground have gathered together a rich line-up to present PREMONITIONS, a showcase of Cape Town’s finest underground metal acts – all on one stage! Mercury Live in Cape Town is hosting this immense event, featuring the balls-to-the-wall riff barrage that is Bulletscript, the maniacal mosh-pit monsters of The Warinsane, the tectonic triumvirate of With Dawn and the darkly delicious SubverS.

Each band brings its own distinct sound to the night’s proceedings and the resultant sonic stew is sure to have every discerning metal head beaming broadly as they experience what is sure to be an incredible event. There will be tons of merchandise on sale as well as awesome giveaways…

For more information, please visit the official facebook event page.

Premonitions mercury Live