Propelling Death Tour: coming this December

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Cape Town, South Africa: the most brutal road trip seen this year is gearing up for a December outing and features three Cape Town death metal bands: The Fallen Prophets; Imperial Destruction, and death metal tribute outfit; Bloodbarf. Sponsored by Wrath Inc, and in association with From The Hive and Score Energy Drink, the Propelling Death Tour aims to shake up moshpits in four South African cities between the dates 10 and 14 December.

The chief instigators of the tour, The Fallen Prophets, are on an upward trajectory; having released their debut album Slaughtered On The Altar earlier in 2016 and also supported Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ when in South Africa, the band are eager to engage their first inter-city tour.

“We are ready to learn and play at the same time. This is a huge step for us as a band. We wanna go and represent Cape Town to the fullest; after all, it’s you guys that support us in what we do so we wanna give back. We are all ready to bring the death to the people up there and hope to get a good response so we can do it again.” ~ Pieter Pieterse (vocals/guitar, The Fallen Prophets)

Imperial Destruction are no strangers to the road and have also released their debut album Ruinous in 2016, with Bloodbarf bringing a tasty rendition of in-your-face death metal covers to the stage.

Imperial Destruction has been craving to tour properly for years now. We’ve hit Johannesburg a few times, but we’ve never gone all out. We’ve joined forces with our local brothers from The Fallen Prophets and the Bloodbath cover band Bloodbarf. Wian Bester is performing in all three bands now, so he certainly has his work cut out for him. I think this will be a great learning opportunity for us all and an excellent chance to meet our fans on the other side of South Africa. We’ve all put a lot of work into the planning of this tour and selecting supporting acts was a difficult task, since we’ve met and worked with so many great artists over the years.” Jason Modryc (vocals, Imperial Destruction)

Kicking off in Cape Town with a show at ROAR on 10 December, the show follows the coastal route before heading inland for a a grand finale in Gauteng, also including local acts at each event along the way:

10 December in Cape Town @ ROAR
Also featuring guests: Nebula Disrupt and Bottom Feeder

12 December in Port Elizabeth @ Pool City
Also featuring guests: Behold The Silence, Mezzanine Floor and Monolith

13 December in Durban @ The Winston Pub
Also featuring guests: Carnage Carnival and Desolation

14 December in Gauteng @ Rumours Lounge
Also featuring guests: Bleeding Spawn, Displeased Disfigurement, Maximum Carnage, Dark Matter, Mad God and Bokgot

Full event details and updates for the entire tour are included at one official facebook event page.

In addition to the shows, the metal-hungry hordes are also invited to take a piece of Propelling Death home with them in the form of tour shirts, designed by Writhe Creations. Pre-orders inquiries can be directed via Wian Bester on messenger. Wrath Inc will be along for all of the shows of the tour to sell merchandise, and Keets Design & Photography to capture the carnage.

Propelling Death 2016 tour shirts

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