Psordid suggest a come-back with sudden song release

Psordid press picture 2008

Johannesburg has enjoyed a rich legacy of metal bands. There were plenty who could pass simply as fly-by-nights, yet amidst those there were others who left an imprint on the minds of many a headbanger. Psordid were one such band. Begun as a thrash metal project in 2003 named Module 69, the band declared a new name in 2004 with Psordid, featuring the silent ‘p’.

“The band represents human life and emotion; our psyche. We as a species tend to focus on the negative. We’re such sordid creatures. We try to be more complicated than we actually are, and we’re always hiding a part of ourselves. Hence the choice to add a silent ‘P’ to our name, but to make it boldly obvious. Everybody knows each person has a secret, it’s not really such a big secret at all.” ~ Dave Dippenaar (drums, Psordid)

By 2005, the bands sound had evolved along with the welcoming of a few new members, to a more groove-laden sound. This classed Psordid into a slightly different genre pool shared at the time by the likes Far Beyond Driven and Sickboy Inc. Having performed literally hundreds of shows, which includes appearing on the Destructour with SacriFist and Mind Assault, plus participating in series such as Woodworx, the GrimmFest metal festivals, and MotherFudd metal festivals, the band began to command a strong following before disbanding finally in 2008. However, owing to financial constraints during that period, the band’s focus had remained more on live performance than in the studio; the result of which today is a relative absence of music to evidence their contribution to the South African metal legacy.

Today we learned that Psordid have returned to attend to their unfinished business, and are currently in the process of recording their debut album Bekhor! A release date has been marked for 21 September, 2015, which is exactly on queue for the Spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Bhekor will be available for free to whomever desires it. However, the band will make paid options available and are also attempting a crowd-funding campaign.

“We consider the release on the principle of donation ware, much like the software strategy. If you like it, and think you would like to give us a few cents for our efforts, then we will certainly not be upset about the gesture.” ~ Dave

To keep up to date with the band and their other developments, such as preparing to return to the live circuit in 2015, you can join their official facebook page. If you feel you would like to hear more from Psordid and could contribute financially, also check out their indiegogo campaign where some cool offers stand for return on donations.

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