Punk Rockers and Metalheads unite behind cause

The Psykotix
For privately raising R5000 towards ‘the cause’, we award The Psykotix with ‘featured image’

Johannesburg, South Africa: Punk Rockers and Metalheads, and a little bit of anything in between, have united behind a fundraising cause and will shake Rumours Lounge with a monumental dual-stage event tomorrow called ‘Rocking For Their Reason‘. Duncan Allers, a well-known personality in the local alternative scene, event coordinator and owner of Dark_Noise has called upon his community for aid in getting treatment for his kids. Trager (aged five) and Alexis (aged three) who are sufferers of Autism and Cerebral Palsy respectively.

“I’ve been blown away by all the messages and enthusiasm from the Alternative Community. Even many who cannot attend the event have assisted by either sharing the event on Facebook or purchasing raffle tickets online.” ~ Duncan Allers

This year marks the third year which Duncan is hosting the fundraiser and reports that these days some bands are even offering to play before the notification of request goes out. There is also growing support from the “corporate” community, although mostly from the up-and-coming players.

“The big companies were not interested in donating even one case of product to the bands for refreshments. Luckily, Andrew from Rockstar assisted in making this work by donating energy drinks for the bands for the duration of the event.” ~ Duncan Allers

Duncan also voices the deepest appreciation towards those companies who have assisted by donating products, advertising, and other “gifts” which could be raffled off. These include the likes of concert tickets from Witchdoctor Productions; band merch from some of the participants spearheaded by The South Shore Ramblers, including donations even from bands not participating such as The Black Cat Bones, Climate Control and Theatre Runs Red, and; the wicked giveaway of an Ibanez electric guitar by TOMS musical instrument retailer, to list but a few. Duncan even mentions how The Psykotix (header image at top of page) initiated their own fundraiser, thus donating the takings in cash to his kids cause.

The South Shore Ramblers credited for collecting a band merch donation
The South Shore Ramblers credited for collecting a band merch donation

“There has been great support from my place of work as well. I must mention Marsha Levenson who has bought more than ten raffle tickets to show her support, even though she has a child of her own.” ~ Duncan Allers

The heroes performing tomorrow can be listed as – and in order of appearance:

The Punk Stage
5-5:30pm The Psykotix
6-6:30pm Noxious Terrorstrike
7-7:30pm Touched by Nausea
8-8:30pm The South Shore Ramblers
9-9:30pm The Jack Rolling Dandy’s
10-10:30pm Made for Broadway
11-11:30pm Dirty Moonshine

The Metal Stage
5:30-6pm Lesuth
6:30-7pm Surdus
7:30-8pm As We Fall
8:30-9pm Riddlebreak
9:30-10pm Powerslave
10:30-11pm Facing The Gallows
11:30-12am Adorned in Ash

The entertainment will alternate times between the two stages, therefore nobody needs miss out on any band if they wish to see it all. Rumours Lounge also offers a great variety of food and has seated areas for eating for anybody who wishes to make a day of it. Be sure to inquire about the various raffles upon arrival, and you may take home more than you arrived with.

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