Pyjama Planet: Max Chops coming soon

Image by: Matthew Keeson
Image by: Matthew Keeson

Cape Town, South Africa: Mark Allnutt, best known among metalheads for his participation in local band All Guns Full Ammo, is about to claim credit for another noteworthy contribution to South African metal. This time, he has rallied some of the city’s most electrifying lead guitarists to feature on his solo project Pyjama Planet‘s upcoming instrumental album.

Pyjama Planet is a my solo endeavour that showcases my musical variety, and ever increasing skills as a producer and composer.” ~ Mark Allnutt (writer/instrumentalist, Pyjama Planet)

Whilst Pyjama Planet is not strictly a metal project – rather an exploration of many genres and personal capabilities – Mark has clearly found that his appetite for “hard and fast” needs satisfying. Whilst previous releases span a broader base of genres, the coming album is titled Max Chops and by all accounts appears that it will deliver as the title promises.

The no-guts-no-glory guest line-up includes no less than Greig Cameron (Mark’s co-axe-slinger from All Guns Full Ammo), Charles Knighton-Pullin (formerly with Sabretooth), Neil Bezuidenhout (Moment Of Clarity), Conrad Lottering (Subject To Slaughter and Creating The Godform), and Nathan Dickson (Atlantic South) on guitars. Also, drummers include All Guns’ skin-beater Gareth Lloyd and additional guest Damian Rijkers, also from the now-defunct Sabretooth. With such names attached to the project, we expect nothing short of instrumental excellence.

Mark has released two teaser videos in recent days to showcase some of the grooves laid down by drummers, and some of the shredding to be expected from the guitarists on this instrumental showpiece. The full album release is due on 21 November.

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