Pyjama Planet: Save To Kill (soundtrack) revealed

Pyjama Planet 2017 Save To Kill Soundtrack

Cape Town, South Africa: Instrumental project, Pyjama Planet, reveals its second album. It is a commissioned work this time, and takes form as the soundtrack to Save To Kill, an arcade-style game.

Pyjama Planet caught our attention in 2016 with a sudden appearance from the bones of a beloved All Guns Full Ammo. Writer/composer and filmmaker, Mark Allnutt, honed his creative energies following the previous project into an instrumental album titled Maximum Chops; also recruiting assistance from some former band mates and other prominent figures from the local metal music creators circle.

The Save To Kill album, on the other hand, represents a collaboration of a somewhat different nature.

“The game developer and I met on an Indie gaming, art, and music website called I went onto Newgrounds specifically looking for my first game to compose for, and luckily someone bit!” ~ Mark Allnutt

Save To Kill, in all of its arcade-like glory

“This was quite an experience, as it’s the first time I’ve truly experienced the wonder of the Internet.
Being able to write music remotely in my home studio (in my pyjamas) and then send it off to the Game Developer in Pennsylvania, USA, is something that ten-year-old me in the 90s would not have been able to comprehend when playing games of the same nature”. ~ Mark Allnutt

Mark describes the game as a “top down, bullet-hell, arcade shooter; made with classic 90s gaming graphics”, which has been well received. At the time of the album release, Save To Kill had received 170,000 online plays already. Music has always made up an integral part of the gaming experience, and developers know this only too well.

“I really wanted a metal/Castlevania type soundtrack that Mark nailed perfectly. Most of the songs did not need any adjustments and sounded perfect when Mark presented them to me. In fact, most of the adjustments made to the songs were from him personally, even after I had approved the song. I love that dedication. I find myself taking my phone out and playing the songs while at work, driving, and gardening at home. They really blow me away.” ~ Eric LaCroix (independent game developer, Save To Kill)

Save To Kill, the game, can be explored via the Kongregate website, along with other games by the developer. The Save To Kill soundtrack is offered by its creator via the Pyjama Planet bandcamp page as a free download, or voluntary purchase.

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