Pyjama Planet: to ‘Slash ‘n Dash’, the Way of the Sinner

Way of the Sinner 2018 Slash 'n Dash

Cape Town, South Africa: We see more and more chatter at M4A about the merging of Metal Music culture and Gaming Culture. Metalheads making games. Metal musicians making music for games. Either way, this is just another means by which local sounds spread tendrils into global ears. Pyjama Planet is at it again, following a previous album for Save To Kill in 2017. This time, Mark Allnutt is partnered up with a game developer based in Italy, CZ-Games, and the two are bringing to life an oriental-metal aural blend for Way of the Sinner.

Slash ‘n Dash

An apt title indeed when considering the context. ‘Slash ‘n Dash’ is the first single released from Pyjama Planet‘s next album, a title which will share the same as the game for which it is being created: Way of the Sinner.

“My obsession with working out how elements of songs fit together led me to naively assume other people would be interested in how a song like this comes together. Instead of popping the song on youtube with a shakey-mac-shakey graphic, I opted to instead give the viewer a mini-music video, where I showcase the guitar parts, some beta gameplay footage, and a visualization of the synthesized instruments used in the piece.” ~ Mark Allnutt (composer/instrumentalist, Pyjama Planet)

The game, created by 21-year old Metteo Tallevi, follows Kyra; a renegade samurai who was betrayed by her clan. Now wandering a post apocalyptic wasteland, her time for vengeance has come. To find and defeat her enemies, she will have to find the true meaning of being a warrior.

Way of the Sinner is a 2D sword-combat side scroller. The characters are all rendered as silhouettes, which stylistically is quite interesting. It is set for release late in 2019, but in the meantime we can enjoy some of the soundtrack which will slow release over the coming months.

“I spent three years trawling underground gaming websites and portals, searching for developers who not only needed and wanted personalized music, but who liked the style I’m offering currently. When there’s little to no money involved, you have to choose the projects very carefully. That’s why I’ve been doing one per year thus far. Hopefully one-day some of these albums will payoff and give me those invaluable exposure points everyone so desperately desires.” ~ Mark Allnutt

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