Pyjama Planet: Way of the Sinner (Vol. 1): The Soundtrack

Way of the Sinner 2018 Slash 'n Dash

Cape Town, South Africa: Pyjama Planet is back with some new music. Today we get to hear the full soundtrack for Way of the Sinner, a 2D game developed by Matteo Tallevi at Italy’s Delvixoft. We first caught wind of this intercontinental collaboration in April with an original track preview, which has since been remixed to sound consistent with the newer tracks.

Way of the Sinner (Vol. 1): The Soundtrack

Chief composer and performer at Pyjama Planet, Mark Allnutt created the musical project to fulfill various personal endeavors. High on this list is his interest in matching music to games! Mark’s first game soundtrack was for Save to Kill, published a little more than a year ago.

“I’ve found great enjoyment out of connecting with independent game developers online via a variety of platforms; mainly Facebook and Newgrounds – an underground arts portal for all creatives alike. When trawling the Web, I mostly look out for games that I know could potentially benefit from the music I like to write; a mixture of thrash metal and orchestral synthesis. ‘Way of the Sinner’ jumped out at me for its sheer brutality and high energy gameplay.” ~ Mark Allnutt

Way of the Sinner is a 2D side scrolling sword-fighting game. With an aesthetically pleasing simplicity and elegance juxtaposed with just a touch of brutality, Mark clearly found a sweet spot for his Metal to manifest. For one song, ‘The Dark of Knight’, Mark recruited friend and ex-All Guns Full Ammo band mate Gareth Lloyd for some drums.

“When Matteo and I contacted each other, he didn’t know what sort of music he wanted in the final game, as it was still in beta phase. He decided on Rhythmically driven heavy metal, with a hint of Japanese instrumentation.
Now that’s a fun brief to get! Within days I was in studio learning the appropriate scales and instrumentation nuances I’d need.” ~ Mark Allnutt

More about Pyjama Planet

We’ve explored the musical output of this band before as a most intriguing piece in the local puzzle; not always sure quite at which angle it fits. Whilst Pyjama Planet is largely a studio project-come-production-house, it also plays live sometimes! We’ve caught sight of the band’s name on the line-up for Cape Town heats in the 2019 Wacken Metal Battle. Watch this space.

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