Ragnarök: extreme metal apocalypse descends

Ragnarök 2016 event

Johannesburg, South Africa: the end of days is upon us, Draconem Media would have us believe, as the weekend approaches and with it the mighty Ragnarök; mighty as determined by a brutal line-up which offers the event’s namesake much justice. This will be the Draconem Media brand’s debut live music event. By all indication, they are asserting their identity as catering for the extreme genres of metal.

“A show with just extreme metal bands isn’t very common anymore, so we decided to create a line up that is sure to get people excited. Before any event name was selected, we already knew what bands we wanted to play and the kind of show we wanted to host. The name needed to suit an in-your-face-headbanging-brutal-as-fuck show!” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (event coordinator, Draconem Media)

Those who will be keeping it Brutal at Ragnarök

With a line-up which ticks all the appropriate boxes to match the name and intent as described above, all that remains is for headbangers to come crawling from the woodwork to enjoy the final hours of the themed mystical Norse apocalypse at Rumours Lounge this Saturday. With the likes of: Bleeding Spawn; Maximum Carnage; Spectral Realm; Surdus; Bloodbeast; Arx; Killatoria; Displeased Disfigurement; Posthumous; Envious Despair; Sufferance; and even visitors from Bloemfontein, Dreams Of Nightmares joining the melee, it looks like a dooms-day prophesy unfolding indeed.

However, as it was with fears of Y2K and the Mayan 2012 prophesies, one can always have faith that once the dust has settled, all will be be well in the multiverse; Chelsea an company are already speculating about the possibility of an annual event series.

Rumours Lounge is one of the best venues in Johannesburg with their awesome set up, friendly staff, and amazing food. It’s pretty obvious why we chose this to be our venue and the start of many more events. Fred and his team are an amazing bunch of people and we look forward to having a fun working relationship with them for future Ragnarök shows.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

Other features of the event include a graciously low price, with mind to help patrons towards much greater merriment, plus the event has teamed up with From The Ashes tattoo studio who have offered up some vouchers to be given away, and Imagine Photography will be there in force to capture the precious moments.

More about Draconem Media

But who, what and where do Draconem Media come from? We asked for a little bit of background:

“When Alec – my partner in crime – and I started Draconem Media at the end of 2015, it was mainly to do some reviews of local and international band shows and albums in our own time. After many discussions, we decided to host our own event. Having had some experience on the metal scene, we quickly learned some ‘do’s and don’ts’ with organising shows. Our strategy is simple: the bands come first! We feel that if we look after them, the rest kind of takes care of itself. Organising events isn’t something we’ll be doing to make money; it’s for the love and passion of metal and for growing the scene in a positive way. This is definitely what we hope to achieve with hosting shows as Draconem Media.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

And with said sentiments in place, we wish everybody involved a memorable, and hopefully not too devastating a moshpit, so that all may live to revel in the glory of another day – another Ragnarök! For full event details, visit the official facebook event page.

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