Ragnarök II: extreme metal makes its brutal return

Draconem Media 2017 Ragnarök II

Johannesburg, South Africa: Ragnarök II is approaching! Last year, Draconem Media fixed a fiery eye on local extreme metal and built a show concept around it. With Ragnarök as the Viking end-of-days themed event being a success, the organizer has committed to an annual fixture. October 14 will bring about a sequel; equally as brutal as 2016’s event, if not more so.

Ragnarök II bringing back the heavies

With a tight-knit extreme community, there are no surprises in seeing a number of bands returning for Ragnarök II. Among these are included: Bleeding Spawn; BloodBeast; Maximum Carnage; Posthumous; Spectral Realm, and Surdus. Newcomers to the Ragnarök II stage consists of: Disarmageddon; Insanity Unveiled; Lesuth; Major Affective Disorder; My Columbine; Omentum, and Resurrection of Fetal Remains.

Another newcomer takes the shape of a traveling visitor with Forsaking Fate, making the pilgrimage to Gauteng for the first time from East London. The band comes from a somewhat barren musical landscape and is eager to connect.

“Nevermind ‘metal’ bands; we are one of the only bands in East London still writing and performing original music. Having been well received in Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown so far, we’re eager to show the community up there what Forsaking Fate has to offer. There’s some great bands on the bill and it’s an honor for us to be performing alongside them.” ~ Grant Hensburg (guitar, Forsaking Fate)

“Last year we had Dreams of Nightmares from Bloemfontein. We feel it is very important to showcase what other areas have to offer.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (event coordinator, Draconem Media)

Following a slow and steady growth curve

Whilst Ragnarök II is coming in slightly stronger this year with an additional two bands on the line-up, and a visitor from farther afield, Draconem Media is taking a sensibly cautious approach to growth. Chelsea has expressed a desire to grow into an all-day event in the following year; or to perhaps even travel the event to another city.

“We are still in the early stages of the event, so we are taking baby steps and learning as we go. We have also upped our game with artwork – thanks to the awesome Theo Durand of Resurrection of Fetal Remains – giving us a more professional look, and to let people know that we are serious and here to stay.” ~ Chelsea Mulock-Bentley

Ragnarök II takes place at Rumours Rock City on 14 October, therefore leaving ample time to sharpen your spikes and perfect the corpse paint, or to bury the remains from your last debauchery. For full details and regular updates, join the official facebook event page.

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