RAMFEST VI International Headliner Announced for 2012

In Flames at Ramfest 2012
Rumours abound and speculation clouds the air like an all-familiar stomp of dust and grass that any previous RAMfest attendees would be well acquainted with. The time has come for some facts to settle the murky air, so that we can all see clearly that which lies in wait.

From its humble beginning only 5 short years ago, RAMfest as an entity has twisted and writhed like some kind of beastly shape-shifter. Hordes of people, starved for adventure, have flocked to witness the metamorphosis of the entity. Many hear stories from the years prior and so want to see with their own eyes. Others tire with the years as their party batteries drain of energy and desire. What remains clear is that RAMfest reshapes itself each new year and responds to the whirlwind of comments, demands, complaints, wishes and praises. The organizers allow for that measure of flexibility required to explore new possibilities, opportunities, and to open up avenues which may lead the regions young, entertainment-hungry masses onto greener pastures; because the entity and all it’s stomping horde need to feed.

It is here that we bring to your attention the relationship between RAMfest and Metal4Africa; we are and remain happily bonded. There are many who fondly reminisce over how, back in 2007, they would see metal bands like Day Turns Night and Mind Assault play the same stage as Lark and Fokofpolisiekar. And then there are those who rejoiced only when metal got to parade itself on a stage dedicated to all things and only things heavy. Yet there was always a sense of trepidation from the few who believed that RAMfest was losing its roots. Nothing could be further from the truth, as RAMfest’s roots bore only deeper into the hearts of more and more people each passing year. But more people necessitates a representation of wider interests, and the entity must reshape itself yet again. Although there will be no Metal4Africa stage (dubbed as the M4A Stage) at Ramfest in the coming year, this is no indication that the festival is turning its back on the metal community. This must not be seen as an ending of an era, nor as the birth of a new one – it should be seen only as a twist in the path. And the path will always reveal new bumps and surprises, but also many wonders to behold as we walk it together. In the spirit of union between RAMfest and Metal4Africa as a South African Metal Community, and the ever increasing realm of alternative music sub-genres, we bring you to you In Flames as international headliner to an otherwise expected RAMfest Main Stage line-up, featuring the latest and the greatest in South African alternative music in every variety.

Yes, it is true! Catch Swedish Metal Super-Band In Flames as they hit up South Africa’s RAMfest. After a 22 year career, 8 studio albums, sold out tours through Europe, USA and Asia, this will be the bands first time performing on the African Continent. In Flames have won numerous awards including the likes of: 2009 Grammy Awards “Best Metal Band” (Sweden); P3 Gold Award “best rock/metal band” (Swedish National Radio Station); METAL HAMMER Golden God Award, Best International Band (UK); Russian Ramp Award “Best International Band”, among others.

South African dates which will include In Flames are:
10 March – Johannesburg (Facebook Event)
11 March – Cape Town (Facebook Event)

Further information, such as venue, RAMfest line-up information, ticket sales, etc. will be available very soon.

For the Cape Town crowds, what we can say at this time is that it will unfortunately not be a full weekend camp out as you have all become accustomed to at this 2012 installation of RAMfest, nor will it be an all-out metal festival. But don’t feel disheartened. Expect a much closer venue. Consider the format of the Coke festivals, and RAMfest in Johannesburg – although there is talk of a 1-night camp-over that the organizers are trying to arrange. Plan your leave carefully once all details are released, and we’ll see you in the front row, where we will stomp up a whole new dust cloud. And keep your ears to the ground for other exciting news for the Metal Community in 2012!

For more information about Ramfest and the state of metal in Cape Town entering 2012, click here.

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