Raptorbaby: ‘Citadel’ album released today

Raptorbaby 2016 Citadel

Pretoria, South Africa: progressive metal band Raptorbaby have released their long-awaited debut album Citadel today. ‘Citadel follows in the wake of a previously released EP in 2013 titled The Hatchling, and sports revamped versions of some of the earlier songs.

“We felt we did not do justice to the potential of those songs, we’ve polished up our production process since then.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

Of course, with a full-length debut, there are always some questions and especially when a band has evolved through member changes; none so dramatic as a new vocalist. In a previous interview, Raptorbaby described how every dark cloud has it’s silver lining, as was the case when vocalists changed out in 2014 leading to the album listeners can access today.

“Since Vince came on board, we’ve really been able to embrace some of our Grindcore and Mathcore influences, stuff that never quite worked before, which has opened our writing up to some interesting new possibilities. ‘Atlantis’ really showed off that side – some serious chaos while also being beautiful – while ‘The Lost’ is a contrast in soundscapes, where Vince really shines on vocals. All of this together means that we can make a really chaotic yet emotional album, which has always been our goal.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

Citadel is available for digital purchase via the Raptorbaby bandcamp page as well as on hardcopy CD at gigs.

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