Raptorbaby: debut album art revealed

Raptorbaby 2016 Citadel

Pretoria, South Africa: progressive metal outfit Raptorbaby have unveiled the artwork and release date for their debut full length album, Citadel. The release date for physical copies as well as digital release is set for 5 October, 2016, and there is talk of an inter-city tour. With the artwork – created by Julian Fischer – now presented, we asked a member of the band to tell us a little about it and the album it represents.

“The concept for Citadel really started with the idea of an old man retelling stories about the true nature of the world. We played around with the concept and a couple of names, but it was our manager who came forward with the album’s decided title. The idea of a massive structure holding a library, with the last man on earth “ascending” on the knowledge he gained there was really striking for us, as it tied together the individual narratives of each song we wrote. We also placed a lot of ‘easter eggs’ in the music and song titles based on our love for games by Valve Software, such as ‘Half Life’, ‘Team Fortress’ and ‘Portal’, which echo the ideas of computers in a post apocalyptic world. Some will be able to discern these references from a few of the track titles, and there are plenty more within the music itself.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

The full Citadel track list was provided to the public yesterday as well via social media, repeated here:

1. Aperture
2. Resonance Cascade
3. The Group
4. Soul Matrix
5. The Dancer (feat. Vici Maud Fourie)
6. The Arena
7. Partikai
8. Emperor
9. Sleepers Awake (feat. Nelius Zeak Nortje)
10. The Plague
11. Journey
12. Masters Of Reality

Doug explains how Citadel took eight months worth of recording to complete, and consists of a conglomeration of old and new material.

“We had about twenty-five demoed songs to choose from, and which we condensed down to the album’s worth we have now. It was tough to assemble it all together in one cohesive flow of music, since we tend to get quite carried away with the progressive side of things and it’s easy to lose that sense of flow between tracks; but we’re really happy with how it turned out and we can’t wait for people to hear it.” ~ Doug Jenkinson

More news to follow on Raptorbaby prior to the launch of Citadel on 05 October. Watch this space.

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