Raptorbaby: new avenues, known and unknown

Raptorbaby 2018 instrumental line-up

Johannesburg, South Africa: prog metaller outfit Raptorbaby finds itself in a state of flux presently, yet remains upbeat what the future might hold. For some months now, the band has appeared on stages as a four piece instrumental act; quite in contrast with the vocal-fronted powerhouse it has been before. Yesterday, Raptorbaby even released a new song, complete with video.

“This video represents a sort of acceptance of our current state; the reception of the instrumental set has been extremely positive. More than we expected. So we sort of allowed ourselves to accept the instrumental format for the time being and just go with it. The video serves to introduce this format officially.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

Soul Matrix: the hunt for a new voice

Doug tells us that although Raptorbaby grows more comfortable with performing as an instrumental act, band members still share the desire for a vocalist.

“We are indeed still looking for a vocalist, but we’re not rushing it and want to find someone really special and a little different. We never know if the next incarnation of the band might be our last, so we want to make sure the new vocalist brings something truly special to our music and get the most out of the creative opportunity it represents.” ~ Doug Jenkinson

‘Soul Matrix’ offers fans and listeners an opportunity to remain up-to-date with Raptorbaby‘s current musical affairs. However, for potential vocalists, it also offers an invitation. Feel free to download the song here and use it to prepare an audition!

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