Raptorbaby: ‘The Plague’ video goes live

Raptorbaby 2017 The Plague

Pretoria, South Africa: progressive metal hybrid band Raptorbaby has released it’s play-through video for the song ‘The Plague’ taken from the 2016 Citadel album.

“‘The Plague’ was written aeons ago and it went through many iterations until it settled into it’s current form. As one of our longest tracks, it follows a more traditional thrash/death metal approach to composition, mixed with a really long and trippy intro. The lyrical focus falls on a sense of complacency in modern society and how we naturally seek to cleanse ourselves of that ailment before it destroys us.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

The video offers a largely “drummer’s perspective” view of the band in action, spliced with a few suggestive clips of classic footage.

“The video happened by accident, we have been practicing regularly at Decibels Studio which is owned by Gifford Peche of Watkykjy, who kindly offered to shoot a video of one of our rehearsals for reference footage. He liked what he saw and went the extra mile to cut a more arty and intense playthrough video for the band. All gratitude to him for the work as we were quite casual about it and he turned it into something so much more serious, which aptly suits the track.”~ Doug Jenkinson

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