Red Helen: music video and album launch date

 Red Helen 2017 press pic

Johannesburg, South Africa: metalcore / progressive band Red Helen are making headway towards a debut album release since representing South Africa at the international Wacken Metal Battle in 2014. Today, the band has revealed a music video for the song ‘Ode To The Corrupt’, which follows up more than a year after the first musical teaser with a lyric video for the song ‘Suicide Notes And Bloodshot Eyes’. The video also heralds a launch date for the band’s long awaited debut album, Trading Past For Pathways, scheduled for 17 February.

The new track throws hard punches on the lyrical front and engages a matter close to home in the figurative and literal senses:

“If you’re a South African, the meaning behind ‘Ode to the Corrupt’ should be fairly obvious. The statement we are making is not new or strange, but as young South African artists with the voice and stage that we have, we felt it was important for us to join this discussion and share our thoughts and feelings on the current political and social climate in our country whilst encouraging others to do the same.” ~ Brandon Pratt (vocals, Red Helen)

Whilst the band has not been known primarily as being specifically political as an overall theme, members have decided to use the power of art and expression to address important issues to themselves, regardless of where the journey may take them or how uncomfortable the topics may become.

“The thoughts and feelings expressed in ‘Ode To The Corrupt’ are a reflection of how we feel both as a band and as young South Africans, who care for and love our beautiful country and its amazing people. Art – in our case, music – has the incredible ability to start conversations and encourage discussion. It can lead you to experience life in a totally new light, or enforce your current beliefs both in positive and negative ways. Whether you’re for or against what we stand for, we feel that it is an extremely important discussion that all South Africans need to be engaging in regardless of age, race, and background!” ~ Brandon Pratt

The music video for ‘Ode To The Corrupt’ was directed by Eric Barnfather of OneDaySky. Trading Past For Pathways can be pre-ordered via Red Helen‘s bandcamp page, and will become available across all major digital platforms immediately upon release on 17 February.

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