Red Helen release preview of coming album

Red Helen 2015 by Lindy Leeming

Red Helen, Gauteng-based metalcore band with a progressive twist and South African representatives at the international Wacken Metal Battle of 2014, have released a taste of what will be coming on their not-too-distant debut album Trading Past For Pathways. The track ‘Suicide Notes And Bloodshot Eyes’ has been released with an accompanying lyric video and this single preempts the full album expected in 2016.

“This is a pre-release version of the song which will also be featured on the album. While the recording and performance aspects of it will stay the same, the final production elements of the track may change in certain ways, as all of the tracks will be mixed and mastered into one cohesive and unified piece of production.” ~ Brandon Pratt (vocals, Red Helen)

Red Helen Trading Past For PathwaysBrandon told us that the final touches will be applied by a known entity overseas, but they’re holding back on telling who, so as to maintain some element of surprise. In the meantime, recording and mixing has been done by Clint Watts at Watts Productions, with guitar re-amping by Brian Hood (Erra, Gideon, My Children My Bride, A Plea For Purging). The album artwork, unveiled in the video, was created by Liam O’brien and Erick Gerber.

“The meaning behind our new single ‘Suicide Notes and Bloodshot Eyes’ is very near and dear to our hearts! We’d just like to say to our fans and any other person out there reading this, and who are going through hard times in their lives right now, seek out and accept help. You’re not alone, don’t trick yourself into thinking you have to handle this alone and that you have to be ashamed of feeling this way. Everybody, absolutely everybody, no matter who it is goes through good and bad times in life! Seek out help from a close friend or family member and tell them what’s going on in your life! And if you call and identify yourself as a friend of someone who is in need of help, then it is your responsibility as their friend to be there for them and to help them through this rough time. We’re all in this together!” ~ Brandon Pratt

The near future holds many exciting opportunities for Red Helen as the young band prepare for their participation at the legendary South African music festival Oppikoppi next week and also this year’s installation of Krank’d Up (headlined by 36 Crazyfists and Monuments). They are also talking about a tour within this year, hopefully to include both Kwazulu Natal and the Western Cape; a precursor to a larger tour which will promote the album when it releases in 2016. Brandon tells us that if all goes well, the album launch tour will extend even to Europe!

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