Resurrection of Fetal Remains: The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation

The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation

Resurrection of Fetal Remains 2019 The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation

Middelburg, South Africa: meanwhile, in a parallel horror universe not-too-far away, South Africans continue to make a strong global impression. We’re talking about the realm of extreme music, particularly of the brutal and gore variety. With the likes of Vulvodynia and various spinoff projects already enjoying a strong presence abroad, others are making their own mark. Strangely enough, the town of Middelburg in Mpumalanga province is proving quite the brutal stronghold. With bands like Bleeding Spawn and Displeased Disfigurement from the town enjoying a long legacy already, fresh blood began rising in 2015 with Resurrection of Fetal Remains.

Today we look at a killer (excuse the pun) lyric video from the band released on the internationally celebrated Slam Worldwide youtube channel.

The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation

Resurrection of Fetal Remains offers a fresh take on ‘The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation’ and promise more to come between now and the end of the year. However, in the brutal music space where there is so much content available to the inspired listener, it seems that the band is carving out something of a niche for itself with a specific lyrical direction; self-proclaimed as “groovy bone-crushing romance”, a band member explains:

“We chose that specific tagline as it is the foundation of the band. Groovy; the riffs always has some or other groove aspect that makes you want to get down. Bone Crushing; the chuggy breakdowns and instances in our songs where it is impossible not to headbang. Romance; the lyrical content is the ‘romantic’ part; In one shape or form there will be something sexual present withing the songs. Porno/GoreGrind was one of the genres that caused the Birth of ROFR. Anything is romantic if your mind is sadistic enough.” ~ Theo Durand (vocals, Resurrection of Fetal Remains)

At this juncture, following the release of its Lords of Gore EP, Resurrection of Fetal Remains will test the international market.

“Well the truth is we went out of our way to break the ice in the most obscene way possible. Starting out as a fun project where we just wanted to play and enjoy what we do; we never thought it would actually amount to anything. The following we have locally has already surpassed our expectations and we are so grateful to all the goremongers who became apart of the ROFR family. We are trying to test International waters with the release of our Lyric video. We love all of our fans in the local scene – ‘Local is Lekker’ – and cant wait for whats to come.” ~ Theo Durand

Resurrection of Fetal Remains live near you?

But there is more! The band – like most – loves gigging and are bringing the gore to cities like Johannesburg and also Bloemfontein in the coming months.

“It wont be the first time we play outside of the Gauteng circuit. We traveled alongside Bleeding Spawn and Displeased Disfigurement for the Coastal Defecation Tour in Durban. What an Experience! Durban Loved it. It’s always great facing a new crowd and meeting new faces. We are super keen to play for the Bloem Metalheads, and we know they are hungry for Metal and we’ll feed their addiction at Metal Circuit V. Its Time to Open up the Pit!” ~ Theo Durand

Upcoming show dates include:

22 June @ Sundowners, Lords of Gore EP, Resurrection of Fetal Remains will test the international market.” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Alberton (JHB) with Disarmageddon, Therapayne, Resurrection of Fetal Remains, DeathSpringer and Pyre of Gods.

10 August @ Warriors Pub, Bloemfontein at Metal Circuit V with Deadline, Resurrection of Fetal Remains, DeathSpringer, Dreams Of Nightmares, Anarcholist and Shigionoth.

31 August @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg at Spawn Fest with Bleeding Spawn, Displeased Disfigurement, Become The Watcher, Imperious Vision, Overthrust, Skinstripper, Forsaking Fate, Human Nebula and more to be announced.

From August, at Bloem and beyond, Resurrection of Fetal Remains will also have a bunch of new merch in stock which they cannot wait to show off.

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