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Reverse The Sands 2016 press

Cape Town, South Africa: late in 2015, Reverse The Sands began to stir after five years of dormancy. A call for auditions was sounded and a new era of focus and energy emerged with an announcement which quickly saw the band booked as support for Witchdoctor Production‘s Eskimo Callboy South African tour.

Of course, first thing is first, and that amounts to Reverse The Sands‘ return to the stage tomorrow night to bring a close to the half-decade of hiatus. Performing with them at Mercury Live are Atlantic South and Past Haunts.

“Many of our old die-hard fans had been asking the band when this would happen. We are so fucking pumped to finally answer the call. This Friday is going to be such a privilege for us; to finally return to the scene and share the stage with good friends and party with fans. Its been a hard graft getting back to being gig-ready, but this Friday we have quite a bit to show for our time in the rehearsal room.” ~ Kyle Puller (vocals, Reverse The Sands)

Full details on the return show can be found at the official facebook event page.

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Reverse The Sands return show 2016