Reverse The Sands to support Eskimo Callboy in SA

Eskimo Callboy 2016 SA Tour

Take every popular trend in extreme music which has surfaced in the last decade, wrap it into a big fat one, and you’ll find yourself in party with Germany’s Eskimo Callboy! A plethora of contrasts await: angry low-tuned guitars dressed in djenty tone lumped in with upbeat riffs, intricate throttling double-kick rhythms juxtaposed against four-four pop beats, and angst-fuelled screamo layered over sweet-boy clean vocal lines; it brings an almost 1990’s era pop-punk sensibility into marriage with 2000’s metalcore – and the 2010’s contribution? – a strong dose of electro, because why not? And these Winners of the 2013 best newcomer award at the German Metal Hammer Awards will be supported by local band Reverse The Sands when they appear in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October 2016.

We turn our attention to Reverse The Sands who made waves in the local scene during 2009-2011 before going suddenly on hiatus. We have heard mutterings about a return soon and were rather impressed with this being their announcement of getting back to the live stage. Five years is a long time to be away, though. We asked if fans of the band from yesterday could expect much the same, or a whole new Reverse The Sands experience;

“Look, let’s face it. As it is with most first bands; when you start out you suck, but if you stick to it you develop. It was no different with Reverse The Sands. It’s kinda like we had just started to become the band we wanted to be near the end of 2010, and then in early 2011 we ended.” ~ Kyle Puller (vocals, Reverse The Sands)

Kyle explains how bass guitarist Richard Poultney, who does most of the writing, has just been getting better and better since, resulting in the newer material being a lot more focused and intentional. Otherwise, as Kyle puts it, the band has also experienced line-up changes, attitude changes, and changes in sound.

“Our approach is so different. We definitely will be bringing a more intense, focused and ‘sharpened’ RTS back to the stage. Listeners can expect the good old Reverse The Sands they knew when it comes to energy on stage, but the sound has definitely evolved and matured since 2011.” ~ Kyle Puller

Reverse The Sands will support Eskimo Callboy in both cities, with additional support from Riddlebreak in Johannesburg on 28 October and A Price On The King’s Head plus Set For The Sky in Cape Town on 29 October.

For more details on the tour, brought to South Africa by Witchdoctor Productions, join the official facebook event pages for Eskimo Callboy at Bassline in Johannesburg and at The Assembly in Cape Town. Tickets sales via Quicket are live and ready.

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