Rhakshah: The Solemn Fracture, album just released

Rhakshah 2019 The Solemn Fracture

Cape Town, South Africa: the all-star Rhakshah completes a four year journey with the release of its debut full length album, The Solemn Fracture. Consisting of performance veterans from a number of bands, and a scene personality as frontman, Rhakshah‘s recorded output has been widely anticipated.

“We’ve been striving to shape and refine a sound that is unique to Rhakshah and I think The Solemn Fracture was definitely a step in the right direction.” ~ Nathan McClure (vocals, Rhakshah)

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The Solemn Fracture

Apart from enjoyable, but not overbearing technicality and intriguing musical passages, The Solemn Fracture also sports a few guests features. Notably is a track with Thomas Theron from Megalodon, plus another with Adri Jordaan; previously from Maximum Carnage, and currently with Peasant and The Warinsane. Another guest is Kathleen Rose Goss who is not at all known within the Metal circles.

“This album has been of great significance to us and as we aim to set the tone for our musical direction going forward. The feature artists we’ve had the opportunity to work with have all been phenomenal. A who’s who of local metal vocalists and one very talented new comer who won’t be very familiar to the local metallers.” ~ Nathan McClure (vocals, Rhakshah)

The official launch party is scheduled for 12 April in Cape Town. It will take place at Prison – House of Rebels in the Greenpoint district. Megalodon will join Rhakshah on the line-up for a night of earth-shaking Metal entertainment. Visit the official facebook event page for full launch party details.

As for today, listen to The Solemn Fracture in full and buy it via Rhakshah‘s bandcamp page.

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