Riddlebreak ‘Collapsar’ EP out soon

Riddlebreak Collapsar

Johannesburg’s Riddlebreak, who describe themselves as ‘alternative progressive metal’, will soon be formally releasing their Collapsar debut EP. We use the term ‘formally’ because we had it from a good source that a number of Collapsar EP’s already went into circulation at Turning Tricks Entertainment showcase event Krank’d Up where Riddlebreak performed recently, also including UK’s Monuments and Canada’s 36 Crazyfists. We went in pursuit of the full story.

“We did release a few at the Krank’d Up festival. These were a limited edition to give people a taste of what’s to come. We managed to give a copy to our heroes in Monuments and 36 Crazyfists!” ~ Gareth Reed (guitar / backing vocals, Riddlebreak)

Although Gareth admits to being a little nervous about how it would have been received by the international visitors, the band are clearly pleased to have gotten some product out before the official release at such a momentous occasion.

“The official version of Collapsar has yet to be launched, and I can’t be specific on a date, but I can tell you it will happen during this month.” ~ Gareth Reed

The title, Collapsar, is the term used for a star imploding. Gareth went on to describe the band’s ongoing fascination with the concept of travelling within oneself in order to expand one’s views and understandings; that, combined with their love for space and science, proved an apt title. Collapsar will be released digitally and in hard copy, although in limited numbers of hard copies for the obvious reasons of sales and distribution of such in our modern digital age; but the band would like to at least offer a tangible product when they do the formal launch for their more die-hard fans. Gareth went on to promise: “We’ll even drop them off if we have to, and come in for tea!”

We wanted to find out if the band could give us a bit of a sampling of the album for the sake of those, like ourselves, who do not live close enough to know the band well enough from live shows. He told us that there would be some treats in it even for those who know the band’s live set.

“The first song on the EP ‘Something Sick’ features our dear and close friend David Gillham on violin! It’s been something we’ve wanted to try for a very long time, and David was more than happy to oblige. After hearing what he added to the music, we definitely want to include him more on some of our other tracks.” ~ Gareth Reed

For those who want a more tangible sample of Riddlebreak‘s sound and direction, the track ‘Zero Point Energy’ has been in circulation for a while already. This sample version is not the final product, however, with a remastered and slightly tweaked ‘re-boot’ to appear on Collapsar.

“The EP is the continuation and embodiment of what we’ve always envisioned for ‘Zero Point Energy’, but at the time we just didn’t have the funds to record any more. But now a year and a half’s work is finally starting to pay off. ‘Zero Point Energy’ has not changed much, but just enough to bring it up to speed with the newer tracks.” ~ Gareth Reed

A video for the track ‘Zero Point Energy’ was released by the band today.

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