Riddlebreak ‘Collapsar’ extended EP out now

Riddlebreak 2015

It has taken some time, but Johannesburg’s Riddlebreak have relentlessly endured, finally delivering a formal release of their debut EP Collapsar this last weekend at Emalyth‘s Arts Expo: Infiniti festival in Gauteng. The EP was initially expected some months ago, but the challenges of personal finances and members studies had persisted, thus resulting in the delay (see previous article here). It has been worth the wait for this dynamically pleasing gem. We went after the band for some commentary.

“Haha yes, on the ‘finally’ note, we wanted to release something for Krank’d Up and so pushed to release sooner. After we sold out at Krank’d Up we knew we had to take it further. But the album art took a bit longer than expected and well… life happened.” ~ Roushan Van Niekerk (bass guitar, Riddlebreak)

Whilst waiting, Roushan admits to the band caving to the temptation of recording an intro and another song ‘Rogue’ to add to the release. With Collapsar now out, emotions and anticipation are high with positive feedback received so far.

“All in all, Clint (from Watts Productions) did an amazing job. I’m so happy with the way it all sounds. Now that it’s out so many more doors have opened and I look forward to new opportunities and sharing it with anyone that will listen.” ~ Roushan

“It’s an amazing experience playing and making music with my Riddlebreak family. And even more so when the music we’ve created becomes a reality; something tangible. I’m overjoyed with the final production on Collapsar. The best part of the whole thing is seeing songs I’ve written evolve through the band and become even more epic than I first imagined them.” ~ Julian Obzen (guitar, Riddlebreak)

“To me, the fact that somewhere out there, there are people listening to me screaming in their ears and enjoying it gives me such a feeling of joy and accomplishment! If I am making someone feel just a little better with my music, then that’s more than enough motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing.” ~ Jade Osner (vocals, Riddlebreak)

If your fancies are tickled by progressively orientated writing, melody overloads, nu metal rhythmic sensibilities and general dynamism, you’ll surely find some pleasure in giving this a spin.

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