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Riddlebreak: image courtesy of Nathan from Snapback Photography

Johannesburg, South Africa: Botswana’s 8th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival is keeping its international connection consistent as Johannesburg’s Riddlebreak is added to the lineup. Certainly, it’s a connection we approve of. The invitation will see Riddlebreak cross the dusty border for the first time and the band could not be more thrilled.

“[It’s] gonna be a super long, epic road trip. We are beyond excited to take our music across borders where no Riddlebreak has been heard before! Such a crazy opportunity for us all to get to travel with our music… fucking incredible! Feels good, man.” ~ Gordon Bosma (drums, Riddlebreak)

The annual festival, taking place this weekend in Ghanzi, has morphed over time from a showcase of local metal into a charity festival that sees donations going to local orphans, disabled, and needy children. Metalheads have always been known for their generosity and it seems like the genes are well represented in Botswana too. As the festival organisers so proudly point out, audiences have continued to grow and, with the Mayor hosting and the Sheriff of Ghanzi part of the organising committee, the legitimacy of the festival is growing too. In fact, this is one festival that doesn’t hold back its pride, or fail to look at itself in an honest way.

Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival is also garnering some international attention, which can only be a bonus for our Johannesburg musicians who are grasping every opportunity to take their band into new territory; literally now as they make plans for Overthrust.

8th Overthrust Winter Metal Mania!

Botswana we are coming for you!Overthrust Deathmetal band we are amped to play at 8th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest 2017See you soon!

Posted by Riddlebreak on Monday, May 22, 2017

Riddlebreak is the only South African band on the lineup, which is overflowing with Botswana’s fast and furious, including the festival’s namesake, Overthrust. Other bands include: Metal Orizon, Skinflint, Remuda, PMMA, Barren Barrel, Samehundes (Masturbation Crew), Dust N Fire, Evergreen, Vehement, Rokara and Raven In Flesh.

While in no way the largest lineup in the history of festivals, Botswana offers metal bands with rich legacies and old-school metal idiosyncrasies. Not only is this going to be a cultural exchange, but also an exchange of metal appreciation. We know Riddlebreak will represent and do it well. And they have a lot to look forward to.

“As for what I expect? I really don’t know and that’s what’s making this trip so exciting for me! We’ve shared the stage with some of these bands before, but only small portions of it in our country (South Africa). This time we’re traveling right into the belly of the beast, and witnessing first hand the guttural napalm infusion that is the Botswana metal scene. I’ve always had huge respect for our brothers across the border, and I can honestly say my senses are overwhelmed by the honour to be actually joining them in Ghanzi for a cause that speaks so dear to all our hearts. Not only do I hope we can keep up, but I hope we can make everyone proud back home by what we are doing. It really means a lot to us to be on the line up, this festival shows what metal heads from all over can achieve by coming together. Truly fucking epic!!” ~ Gareth Reed (guitar, Riddlebreak)

We are looking forward to Riddlebreak reporting back on what’s bound to be an experience second to none. For full details and updates, join the festival’s official facebook event page.

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