Robotize: first single out now with I, Onimbus

Robotize 2017 I, Onimbus

Cape Town, South Africa: Robotize is a two-man studio project following along the veins oft trodden by aspirant musicians these days. Whilst brutal and heavy is at its core, electronic elements also emerge in its sound. The first single from a 10-track upcoming album released on Friday with ‘I, Onimbus’; also featuring guest vocals from Shane Botha of Creating The Godform.

I, Onimbus: a prelude to Lifeless

The single is the first formal offering from the full-length Lifeless. No release date is offered at this time. The album was scheduled to arrive earlier, but is postponed indefinitely whilst the duo refine their production skills.

“In January 2017, we had lost our producer. Then we were stuck and had to do everything ourselves. Luckily we had the roughly mixed and mastered instrumental track. So we decided to re-record vocals and figure out how to mix and master them ourselves”. ~ Anthony Hawkins (vocals, Robotize)

The project, including Anthony and Rudegardt Britz (writer/producer), focuses around the theme of mechanized aliens which rid the world of the inherently corrupt human race; the underlying message being that we need to sort ourselves out in order to save the planet before other, more extreme measures fall into place. At M4A we continue to watch with interest as this story unfolds.

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