Rocktober: retailer commits to Rock and Metal

Cape Town, South Africa: headquarters of the national musical instrument retailer and and long time metal4africa supporter Paul Bothner Music stay the course with their annual Rocktober month; where the focus falls on Rock and Metal band development for younger enthusiasts.

Original photo: Courtesy of
Original photo: Courtesy of

Each year since the mid-2000’s the retailer, with outlets in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Gauteng, has dedicated some resources towards encouraging a developing scene by hosting workshops, competitions, and any other tricks they can think of to stimulate a healthy industry. This year, their tag-theme is Expose Yourself and aims at providing guidance for young bands in the scene to penetrate to circuit level and beyond. The heart of this campaign is two-fold.

‘Expose Yourself’ Battle Of The Bands

Young bands are encouraged to sign up to a bit of friendly competition. If you’re new to the idea of live performances, why not register to play one of the in-store gigs where Paul Bothner Music will provide equipment and an environment in which to play – it could be your perfect ice-breaker. Whats more is that there will be an industry specialist from The Unscene in attendance at all in store performances who specializes in showcasing fresh talent alongside more established acts, particularly in the rock and heavier genres. For full details, including prizes, visit the official Paul Bothner Music website.

‘Band Academy’ Informational workshops

With a series of in-store workshops planned, members of the public may attend free of charge to learn from experts in the industry, or people with valuable experience which would take the average hopeful many years to acquire. This year shows a departure from the format of previous years’ Band Academy where many facilitators were compacted into a one-day event, rather splitting up into bite-sized events of special focus. Below are the dates we’ve observed:

Western Cape:

15 October @ Paul Bothner Music, Claremont Branch
Get Paid! Your Rights and Income Streams as a SA Musician (visit facebook event page for details)

22 October @ Paul Bothner Music, Stellenbosch branch
Work the System! Surviving and Thriving in the SA Music Industry (visit facebook event page for details)


08 October @ Jean Village Music, Centurion branch (a member of the Bothners group)
Get Paid! Your Rights and Income Streams as a SA Musician (visit facebook event page for details)

Northern Cape:

15 October @ DV Village Music, Kimberley (a member of the Bothners group)
The Business of Music (visit facebook event page for details)

Competition – R5000 voucher

Visit any branch to claim an entry form. Simply fill it in to stand the chance of winning a R5000 value voucher which can be spent towards any Laney Amplification product. What more could a metaller ask for?

Paul Bothner Music sponsored backline
Image courtesy of: Christopher Tatzreither

Further interest

Paul Bothner Music have been supporters of metal4africa right since the days of our humble beginnings. Right from our very first Showcase Of African Metal in 2007 – the event series which has morphed into our biannual SummerFest and WinterFest concerts – the retailer has sponsored us with a fantastic backline equipment consisting of Mapex Drums and Laney Amplification.

And not the entry-level stuff either! They have pulled out the bigger guns for us each and every time with the Meridian series kits from Mapex and the Ironheart series from Laney. The confidence with which bands can walk onto our stage and the joy we can take in hosting them is priceless. We have always appreciated this company’s show of commitment to the development of our favorite genre.