Ruff Majik: EU Tour dates, new single ‘Come All Ye Druids’

Ruff Majik 2018 Come all ye druids

Pretoria, South Africa: today, Ruff Magic tells the world that it will be visiting Europe in 2018. To celebrate, the stoner trio put out another breadcrumb to their forthcoming album with the single ‘Come All Ye Druids’. And it’s a growing cathartic affair indeed.

Come All Ye Druids: slow, heavy and filthy

The latest work represents something of a departure – albeit not too dramatically so – from previous releases. There appears a move towards darker, murkier depths with ‘Come All Ye Druids’ representative by the stunning artwork as well as the underlying heaviness of tone and mood. A band member explains:

“With this release, Ruff Majik decided to set sail into newer, sludgier directions. We decided long ago that we wouldn’t be that band that people would complain about, saying ‘they used to be heavier’. Hell no, every time we bring out new music we want to move forward, become heavier, more intense. We still like to include bluesy bits, sure. But this song is made to be filthy, heavy, oily sludge ‘n roll. Next time we might do something a bit more doom again, who knows. All I know is that right now, Ruff Majik is becoming a groove machine, and we like it.” ~ Johni Holiday (vocals/guitar, Ruff Majik)

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Europe, Festivals, and the realms beyond

A number of European tour dates popped up today, including Ruff Majik at Germany’s Freak Valley Festival. To cap it off, the other tour dates include as support for acts for some of the band’s heroes.

“We’ll be splitting the tour up into a few segments, but we’re only at liberty to discuss the first part at this moment. So, we’ll be touring as support with the magnificent The Devil And The Almighty Blues. We’ll also be squeezing shows in with gargantuan names in the scene like My Sleeping Karma and Colour Haze as well as Mars Red Sky.” ~ Johni Holiday

Euro Tour 2018 Part I: Germany, Austria

24 May, Stuttgart, Goldmarks (as support for The Devil and the Almighty Blues)

26 May, Wiesbaden, Schlachthoff (as support forColour Haze and My Sleeping Karma)

28 May, Munich, Feierwerk (as support for The Devil and the Almighty Blues)

29 May, Vienna, Arena (as support for The Devil and the Almighty Blues)

30 May, Leipzig, Werk 2 (as support for The Devil and the Almighty Blues)

31 May, Freak Valley Festival, Netphen (as support forColour Haze and My Sleeping Karma)

2 June, Dresden, Beatpol (as support for Mars Red Sky)

What we also know at this time is that Ruff Majik will return to Europe in August. The band will play at SonicBlast in Portugal, and we anticipate a few more dates to be announced in due course.

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