Ruff Majik: A Finch in a Cherry Tree out now

Ruff Majik 2017 A Finch in a cherry tree

Pretoria, South Africa: another addition to our growing list of local ‘retro-bates’ is Ruff Majik. The Pretoria trio add to a growing movement in South Africa which recognizes an era of music considered to be the dawn of harder rock and, more specifically to our interest, glorious Metal. If Stoner Rock and Doom is the order of your day, listen to A Finch in a Cherry Tree.

A Finch in a Cherry Tree, in the greater scheme of things

The mini release is a three-song chapter forming the second part of an upcoming full-length album. Titled Seasons, the album is due out in its entirety by May 2018. It will comprise of four separate releases plus a few extra songs and interludes that will tie the album together as one experience.

“‘A Finch in a cherry tree’ explores sounds ranging between blues rock and early Sabbath, whilst nodding towards a much heavier sound to come with the following releases. Thematically, it deals with the season of Spring, as its predecessor dealt with Winter. Lyrically, it also deals with relationships and the depression and anxiety that goes with everyday life.” ~ band spokesperson (Ruff Majik)

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Evert Snyman and Louise Eksteen at Backline Studios; with artwork by Annemarie Buchner from Ale & Cake Illustration.

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