Rukuz indulging in ‘Hobo Groove Metal’

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When you think you’ve “heard it all before”, then surely you have already discovered ‘hobo groove metal’? We thought that this labeling warranted closer examination.

A name which has been crawling the Cape Town underground since 2012 is Rukuz. Led by the union of two charasmatic individuals known in the local scene, Matthey ‘Oldog’ Olivier and Byron Dinwoodie (formerly with Sindulgence), the band has settled with two newer members and now consists also of Tanya Markowitsch (formerly with Junkyard Lipstick) on vocals and Daniel Swanepoel on drums. This week, the self-proclaimed ‘hobo groove metal’ band have re-introduced themselves online with the launch of a website (visit here), a live video, and live recording of a new song ‘Family You Can’t Choose’.

Rukuz decided to go the live route. We are a live band and we like to capture that feel, untouched by illusions of what we sound like between live and the studio.” ~ Matthew ‘Oldog’ Olivier (guitars, Rukuz)

‘The Family You Can’t Choose’ was recorded live at ROAR by Niel Walter, and goes out as a dedication by ‘Oldog’ to anybody who has suffered the loss of a friend or a family member. The timing for the release reflects on ‘Oldog’s own loss with a recently fallen friend, George Bougas Bacon of the legendary South African ska/punk band Hog Hoggidy Hog and it’s remaining members.

“I knew him as a neighbour and a drinking buddy. Rest well, my friend” ~ Matthew ‘Oldog’ Olivier

‘Oldog’ describes the song musically as being inspired by the American hardcore punk scene, amidst others, and promises it to deliver…

“…some serious mosh pit behavior” ~ Matt ‘Oldog’ Olivier

The band will be establishing themselves in the chosen style by releasing an EP as collection olive tracks once they have produced enough of them to warrant it.

Link to the soundcloud here if widget is not loading.

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