Rukuz: ‘Psycho Funk’ album released

Rukuz 2017 Psycho Funk

Cape Town, South Africa: with origins tracing back to 2010, the ever-evolving Rukuz appears to have consolidated with founding member Matt ‘Oldog’ and his long-time collaborator Byron Dinwoodie (formerly of Sindulgence). Recently, the two have released an album titled Psycho Funk which sets the tone for a chapter in the Rukuz story.

“I had new journey dropped on me. We all parted ways besides Byron and I. The backward and forward motion of member loss just became to much to deal with, so the strategy has changed to focus on composing and releasing until we find more ‘gees’, as you would say.” ~ Matt ‘Oldog’ (guitar/vocals, Rukuz)

Having set out as an all-out thrash metal band (known at the time as Hellucifix, including members from 2000’s death metal band Azrail), Rukuz took on it’s new identity in 2012 with a strong view on DIY aesthetics and proclaimed itself the forerunner of “hobo metal”. Whilst the latest chapter maintains the band’s DIY aesthetic, with the majority of the final product under the direct care of Matt’s own loving hands, it also represents something of a new direction with it’s ‘funk’ element. Matt explained a little about the how the evolution has occurred.

“My musical scope has always been very wide and I’d always wanted to combine funk into our music; which we have already done in some of our older stuff like ‘Lethal Dose H’. Inspiration came from many places. A lot of it was based on personal experience as life continuously changed. Some songs have some tactful humor to it, like ‘Mr. Chitlins Funky Spice’, a song about how boring your food can get and maybe all you need is some funky-ass sauce on it to flavor it up a bit. We also did our first political song ‘Pigs’, based on the current situation in South Africa. Lets hope we don’t need to write another in the future. Coz dammmmm, I do hate politics! The debut song is probably closest to the style we used to jam. Aggressive and straight to he point. More of a Pantera backbone.” ~ Matt ‘Oldog’

Psycho Funk is available via platforms such as Amazon and iTunes. In a parting word, we asked Matt to explain his view on the album as an artistic outlet and the band’s approach to growing it’s sound:

“The whole idea of ‘Psycho Funk’ was to try and push beyond what we knew and combine some different styles. Music is about the fun and the attitude. So we hit it up six-string and all. Nothing short of a case of beers and great ideas coming together.” ~ Matt ‘Oldog’

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