Rukuz Take On ‘Mothers Love’


RuKuZ has been knocking about in Cape Town’s local scene for a couple of years in various guises, and with various members. The one common denominator has always been a band that oozes with groove, raucous onstage personality (which makes the current name suitably apt) and Pantera-esque style guitar playing consolidated around the two core-members: Byron Dinwoodie and Matthew Olivier. The band announced that it was time to release something for their fans to relate to; and chose a song which they claim to be personal and real. To this end, they booked into Platinum Studios in Melkbos Strand for a weekend to record ‘Mothers Love’.

“‘Mothers love’ is a track that describes the personal feeling of what it’s like to raise your kids as a single mom, not just that, but also it goes out to those that hide behind their mothers skirts and abuse their families. This song will shed some light into a more detailed understanding of how many aspects of life can be thrown at you.” ~ Matthew Olivier (Guitarist)

After playing at M4A’s recent SummerFest’14, RuKuZ have promised that the release of a full album will follow later this year, with more information becoming available soon. In the meantime, they have left us with this new track and a show date: the Easter Haunt gig hosted by Zain Domo at Gandalfs / ROAR on 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory on Friday 18 April. For regular updates, visit the bands official facebook page.

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