SA: Lamb Of God live tribute band filmed

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Last year, we spoke with local metal musician Matthew Cox (Thread Of Omen / Nebula Disrupt) (see article here) about a project he had put together by forming a collective of metallers from various other local bands to pay tribute to USA’s Lamb Of God. Of course, Lamb Of God performed the two final shows of their Resolution world tour in South Africa in January 2014, and these precious memories still remain freshly imprinted to the minds of many.

Mark Allnutt, by Iggy BesterLocal filmmaker and fellow metal musician Mark Allnutt, known best as guitarist from the band All Guns Full Ammo, took the liberty of filming a large portion of this live show and now claims mischievously that he would like it to attract the attentions of Lamb Of God members personally.

“A marketing guru friend of mine suggested early on that I film a promo for the event, which I did, and spam the hell outta Lamb of God. We did, but nothing happened. It was then that I decided to take it one step further and film the show.

If I was in Lamb of God, I would be rather chuffed and humbled that a city I visited was moved so much by our visit that some fans put on a tribute show, just for me!

Now that the show is online, our goal is to throw it – gently – in their faces. If we could get one iota of recognition from them, be it a comment, a share, or a subtle joke at Damian’s drumming, we’d be over the moon.” ~ Mark Allnutt (Filmmaker and Composer, Juiced Robot)

Mark also explains that a motivation for the filming was to be able to reflect back in many years to come, on a time when all of these musicians could see themselves playing a tribute show to one the best metal bands there was.

“Besides, all musicians love to watch themselves on camera as well, whether they admit it or not. We’re all filthy narcissistic attention trolls who love nothing more than believing we’re important for just a few seconds. Well that’s me anyway.” ~ Mark Allnutt

Matthew Cox, by Iggy Bester
Foreground: Matthew Cox
Marc Olwage, by Iggy Bester
Marc Olwage

Being a filmmaker and composer by profession, and trading as Juiced Robot, Mark enjoys filming bands as an easy crossover between his two passions. He has filmed for fellow locals such as With Dawn, Atlantic South, Conduit and his own All Guns Full Ammo, but admits to the fact that bands don’t generally have money for that sort of thing. However, with his own participation in performance at the tribute, playing in the show was an easy excuse to waiver costs by throwing cameras and money at it himself.

“I normally just do it when and if I have time, and if I like the band *laughs*. It was also clear from the beginning that everyone was excited not just about performing these songs, but being able to jam and experience our shared passion with other like-minded musicians. My friendship circle has increased to four after this experience. Stoked!” ~ Mark Allnutt

Cape Town, Lamb Of God tribute project, image by Iggy Bester
Lamb Of God live tribute (02/10/2015) participants: image courtesy of Iggy Bester

With the video now completed and live, we wish Mark and his fellows the best of luck in achieving their goal with getting that coveted thumbs-up from the real Lamb Of God. Hopefully it will result in them having something wonderful to tell their grandchildren about, but in the end – as Mark also points out – its all about:

“Anything to help put Cape Town and South African Metal on the map!” ~ Mark Allnutt

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