SA Power Metal meets Pixels with Broforce!


Broforce takes something of a mickey out of the mouse in what may be one the greatest satires in gaming ever, and it looks like a munitions warehouse full of fun! Gaming enthusiasts get to meet (and utilize the powers of) pretty much any beloved movie action hero they can think of, “democratizing” terrorists, aliens and robots all around the world by means of grizzly death; and all delivered to the player in glorious over-sized pixels.

Cape Town’s Power Metal band Strident have written and recorded the theme song for the ultra-violent, 2D side-scrolling “Patriotism Simulator”, developed also locally by the team at Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. To celebrate the full release of the game – finally moving out of Steam Early Access after more than a year – an animated launch trailer has been released and features the Broforce track by Strident.

Strident was approached in mid-2013 to write a theme song for Broforce, which was then pretty much in an Alpha state. We tried it out and instantly fell in love. It had all the stuff we love: violence, satire and elements of Contra and Metal Slug. And everything was just so wonderfully tongue-in-cheek. It was a perfect fit.” ~ Deon Van Heerden (vocals/guitar, Strident)

With the theme song recorded, Deon Van Heerden also took a shot at scoring the game, which proved successful. The soundtrack was recorded at various times over the past 18 months, expanding along with the game, and now encompasses everything from massive percussion ensembles – with Strident drummer Christian Burgess providing his signature thunder – to power metal, from epic hybrid scored boss fights to power balladry. The game’s full 55-track Soundtrack is now available on Steam as DLC for the game (link here)

The Broforce theme song was recorded at the studio of long-time producer and collaborator, Jo Ellis, and is also available via the Strident bandcamp page for download.

For those who would enjoy to see a trailer on part of the game, check out the video below.

We also discovered this gem during the week. All in all, it seems to be an exciting time for Deon Van Heerden, Strident, and the Broforce creators. Congratulations, guys!

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