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All too often in this age of social media, we hear more about the gossip and uglier undercurrents of local scenes all around the world – by “scene”, referring to a broad-based social circle whereby many people are thrust together in apparent friendship out of the sharing of a common passion; rather than organic friendships built upon compatible personality types – where knee-jerk remarks abound and consequences for speaking out impulsively in public domain are seldom considered before the proverbial chickens come home to roost!

However, we do not believe petty politics to be the most prominent aspect of our alternative and metal scenes, or any others for that matter, as what some populist (and especially vocal) opinions like to suggest. There are plenty of other, better, stories to tell which seldom earn the same credit and comment. Today, we are focusing in on a particular effort within the Cape Town alternative/metal scene, ironically (or perhaps more appropriately) labelled: The Unscene. We’ve zeroed in on The Unscene entertainment brand and it’s chieftain Zain Domo because of a remarkable story which has unfolded about some Spanish visitors to South Africa, presently in the country and about to enjoy another weekend of seldom talked-about South African hospitality.

The Unscene, much like the news website and bi-annual event showcase, takes the character of a not-for-profit enterprise, where the mission is to supply maximum possible value to the music enthusiast and other stakeholders, with maximum possible gain to the ever-needy artists. In short, the likes of “we” will do anything it takes to expand the footprint of our musical passions, and the further afield we can do that, the better. With that, The Unscene‘s regular 18 Till I Die series, with the next installation taking place at ROAR in Cape Town this coming Saturday, will be including a band all the way from Spain in the line-up. When we first heard about Bolleria Industrial appearing back-to-back with some of our local metal bands like Infiltrate Neutralize Govern, Betray The Emissary, All Guns Full Ammo, Fuera, Atlantic South and more, it demanded a closer look.

“Well, it kinda happened out of the blue. I had my lineup set and had an idea of what I wanted to do with a reserved “guest slot” I was keeping aside, when I was added to a facebook group chat. A representative of the band reached out to a bunch of people, saying Bolleria Industrial were coming down to South Africa and very badly wanted to play a few shows.” ~ Zain Domo (event coordinator, The Unscene)

Zain describes the opportunity as “something unique” which he is pleased to be able to include into his next show, himself having already watched Bolleria Industrial perform last weekend. The part which we found to be so remarkable is that the band have traveled to South Africa on something of a leap of faith! They made the trip without any instruments or gear, replying solely on the good graces of local bands and event organizers.

“Some guys offered to help out with accommodation, practice space, instruments… things like that. It might not sound like much to some people, but to someone who believes in the spirit of music and the people who populate every corner of the South African underground community, its really heart warming to be reminded that there is plenty of heart still left here.” ~ Zain Domo

Consisting of three girls and a guy on vocals, Bolleria Industrial are described by Zain as a straight-up unapologetic punk band, but with a slight twist which he does not want to reveal as spoiler to the surprise.

“I gotta say, South Africa hasn’t seen something like this before!” ~ Zain Domo

We remind our readers that the 18 Till I Die series of shows welcomes all-age access. The Unscene, hand in hand with ROAR and other partners such as Paul Bothner Music are keeping up an important task in breathing new life into more organic styles of music and traditional methods of music making, allowing for young enthusiasts to also enjoy a bite out of the available entertainment which in South Africa seems to be more and more ‘reserved’ for over 18s only. Bring your kid brother or sister! If their parents are okay with it, of course. Refreshments will be available, although no liquor products will be stocked or sold in ROAR.

More information about The Unscene and the 18 Till I Die series of events can be explored in a previous article on this website. Full event line-up and details can be found at the official facebook event page.

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