SA Wacken Metal Battle lines drawn

Wacken Metal Battle 2016

Johannesburg, South Africa: Germany’s Wacken Open Air is truly a global festivity and since 2013, we’ve been getting a small taste of it here in South Africa. A series of eight events will determine a South African representative to attend the international Heavy Metal live band competition for which the finals are hosted at Wacken Open Air, bringing together the top pick of bands from thirty nations from around the globe.

South African participation in the Wacken Metal Battle began in 2013 and saw Cape Town Thrash Metal band Infanteria travel to Germany to represent the nation’s metal scene. In 2014, Johannesburg’s masters of Progressive Metalcore, Red Helen, were bestowed the honour.

Infanteria documented their trip here, and Red Helen below.

The coming events will commence from next Saturday, 23 April, beginning in the coastal city of Durban and including Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, and Pretoria in the coming weeks before the finals hosted in Johannesburg on 28 May. We’ve included all dates, participants, and links to the official facebook event pages here:

Durban, The Winston, 23 April:
Minority For The Masses
The Fateful Dawn
Hope is for Heroes

Cape Town, ROAR, 28 April:
Atlantic South
Red Tape Rebellion
With Dawn
Nebula Disrupt

Cape Town, The Rabbit Hole, 29 April:
A Price On The King’s Head
Zombies ate my girlfriend
The Alpha Sequence
The Fallen Prophets

Stellenbosch, Aandklas, 30 April:
Junkyard Lipstick
Subject To Slaughter
Thread of Omen

Johannesburg, Rumours Lounge, 05 May:
Aimed at You
Legions Ablaze

Johannesburg, Sundowners, 06 May:
Mad God
Bombs And Issues
Nerve Zero

Pretoria, Wolmer Bush Lounge, 07 May:
My Columbine
Spectral Realm
Envious Despair

FINALSJohannesburg, Rumours Lounge, 28 May:

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