SacriFist: reveal details on Tyranny album release

SacriFist Tyranny 2016

South Africa’s longest standing metal act, Gauteng-based SacriFist, have released details on their current status and preparations for 2016. Including an album launch and new lead guitarist, the immediate future is looking very bright for the twenty-three-year-old melodic death metal band.

Today, SacriFist have provided their first taste with the title track ‘Tyranny’ (audio below) and album artwork.

The album Tyranny will be the band’s fifth full-length album since the formation of SacriFist in 1993, and it will be released digitally and on CD on 12 March 2016. Tyranny has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the Dreamlabs studio in Gauteng where Leon Kemp and Allen Purkiss man the helm (also delivered recent albums by Instrumetal and Spectral Realm). The release of Tyranny will mark the culmination of more than a year’s effort and the achievement of a new milestone for this legendary band in a country and industry where very few ever manage to produce more than a single album.

“To us, this marks another milestone in our history and we’ve actually had a very hard time releasing this album on all personal fronts imaginable. But, as always, we have managed to pull through and create something really special and I think people can – and will – most definitely relate to everything that is now Tyranny.” ~ Francoise ‘Sammy’ Simegi (guitar, SacriFist)

Despite the various hardships described by Sammy, the band is coming out with all guns blazing on Tyranny, having compromised not one inch in their sound and style which has been developed and honed over more than two decades.

“In terms of music, we’ve gone faster and a little more technical; not because we chose to write faster music or anything. It just happened to work out like that.” ~ Sammy Simegi

Midst the challenges faced by SacriFist in the completion and lead up to Tyranny has also been the saga of their lead guitarist, Tommie Postma, preparing for emigration to Ireland. However, a new axe-slinger has already been selected and will make his debut at the launch of Tyranny in March 2016.

“Wayne Colley was hand picked by Tommie. Tom organized everything to make sure that his shoes are filled with who we all believe is the ‘right guy’. Wayne blew us away on his first audition when he was able to play what is – in my opinion – a hard track to play. We’ve also know Wayne since long before he was even considered. He has been a fan in the crowd who we later also came to know as guitarist for Scroll of Thoth. I think we are lucky to have him, simply owing to the positively metal attitude that he brings.” ~ Sammy Simegi

The release of Tyranny on 12 March 2016 will be characterized by a live performance launch party in SacriFist’s home region of Gauteng. With support from a mammoth line-up consisting of Adorned In Ash, Bleeding Spawn, Dark Matter, Gunship, Portraits Of Flesh and Psordid, the show will take place the Rumours Lounge in Roodepoort, West of Johannesburg. The concert will also be SacriFist’s first reveal of Wayne live on guitar.

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