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SAMMA 2019

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Johannesburg, South Africa: it’s a little later this year than in 2018, but the SAMMA 2019 is coming! The SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards) seeks to recognize significant achievements by South African Metal bands and creators from the previous year. Therefore, the SAMMA 2019 is recognizing achievements from within 2018.

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SAMMA 2019

At, we have been appointed to the role of Independent Observer. This means that none of the results are representative of our opinion; we simply authenticate that all panel members follow the due procedures according to the SAMMA Operations Manual.

Here is the schedule for the SAMMA procedure

  • Effective immediately: Submissions open
  • 01 May: Submissions close
  • 15 May: Initial Nominations due from panel
  • 31 May: Final Nominations verified and Public Poll prepared for opening
  • 01 June – 05 June: Public Poll is open
  • 07 June: Panel receives top 5 per category for further evaluation
  • 21 June: Final submissions from panel

The SAMMA 2019 Ceremony is scheduled for 23 November at Rumours Hillfox.

New in 2019: Submissions

As described in the SAMMA Operations Manual, the procedures will continue to evolve year-on-year as the SAMMA develops to be better reflective of the community’s will. As problems are identified and solutions proposed, the SAMMA refines its mechanisms.

One issue raised again and again is the matter of available information. The problem is two-fold.

On the side of the public: some bands expressed concern that the panel’s relying on their own knowledge alone is unacceptable; largely owing to the fact that nobody can know everything that occurred in South Africa during a full year, and relevant output from bands is likely being missed in the assessment for initial nominations.

On the side of The SAMMA Panel: members expressed concern about the amount of time it takes to try and increase each person’s own knowledge base in order to make assessments.

We’ve devised an approach to mitigate both concerns. If you are part of a band actively interested in the SAMMA, you can now participate more actively. You are invited to submit your content directly into the applicable category (or categories).

At this time it is not yet required that you submit in order to be nominated. Panel members are still capable of nominating based on what they already know. However, with your help, they now also have the opportunity to increase their knowledge prior to nominating.

Should you be submitting?

Fair question. Firstly, ask yourself the following:

Do I have the authority to make this decision on behalf of the band? Speak with your fellow members first. If you’re not a member yourself, then discuss with at least one member and encourage that they do it themselves.

Is the creative output worthwhile to submit for consideration? Here again, it’s up to the band members to decide. Sending in a submission is not a means to promote your band, as the information only goes into a database which is not shared publicly. Only if your band is nominated might this serve as any form of promotion/publicity. Do you feel confident that the material is of high enough quality to be nominated? If “yes”, then please do consider to submit.

Does the creative output meet with the criteria for assessment? Each category is governed by strict criteria. If the creative output you are considering to submit for does not meet this criteria, then please do not submit it. It will be immediately disqualified and not included into the database. If you are considering to submit for 2019, or possibly even in future years for creative output you’re working on right now, then please definitely check out the SAMMA Operations Manual.

Pages 11-18 deal specifically with criteria, and of equal importance, pages 19-20 deal with conventions. A good understanding of these will not only prime your work for recognition by the panel members, but also the public at large.

SAMMA 2019: Categories for assessment

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