SAMMA is back: Public Polls are opened

South African Metal Music Awards 2016 Awards Ceremony header

The SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards) returns for the third consecutive year in 2016, bringing many refinements with it which are developed from the experiences of previous years. Public Polls are open today, presented via the SAMMA official facebook page.

“It’s been an interesting journey so far, and with this more refined process we have more faith in the the SAMMA as we progress in every step. Today is the day the public take part in something special and we’re sure the results will be outstanding.” ~ Brandon Bernardo and Musa Mntambo (The SAMMA Organizers)

Most significant of these refinements includes the establishment of two additional independent bodies who assist in the execution of a fair, unbiased, and inclusive awarding process.

At, the chief writer currently serves as one of these bodies in the form of an Independent Observer who seeks to keep the public informed and maintaining a transparent character for the SAMMA. As such, an expansive description of the SAMMA processes and methods as an information resource are provided here. Regular news items will also be posted at as the 2016 edition of SAMMA unfolds.

Another of these bodies includes The SAMMA Panel, comprised of noteworthy members of the South African public known for their credentials in the local/national scene. The current panel for 2016 includes Duncan Allers (DA) of Dark_Noise, Sammy Slabbert (SS) of The Metalist, Sasquita Northey (SN) of Emalyth, and Zain Domo (ZD) of The UnScene. In the public interest, we hereby provide the nomination lists as follows, with panel members initials alongside those nominees whom each panel member nominated.

In the category for Best Music Video (A-Z):
Adorned In Ash – Broken Glass Reflection (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Deity’s Muse – Satellites (SS)
Facing The Gallows – Filth (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Lesuth – Red Water (SN, ZD)
Peasant – Circles (SN)
Raptorbaby – The Lost (DA, SS, ZD)
Set For The Sky – Live Like You’re On Fire (ZD)
The Drift – Hunted (DA, SN, SS)

In the category for Best Album (A-Z):
Infanteria – Where Serpents Conquer (SN, SS, ZD)
Man As Machine – Patterns (SS)
Spectral Realm – Voyage To Spectral Realm (DA, SN)
Subvers – Bloodstained Eulogies (ZD)
The Drift – The Mountain Star (DA, SN, ZD)
Vulvodynia -Finis Omnium Ignorantiam (SN, SS)
Wargrave – Suffering The Void (ZD)
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend – Retrocide (SN, SS, ZD)

In the category for Best EP (A-Z):
Animus Fall – Harbinger (SN, SS, ZD)
Atlantic South – Atlantic South (ZD)
Ohgod – Forest Feuds (SN, SS)
Peasant – Circles (ZD)
Take Hand – Flesh Wounds (ZD)
The Overmind – Dissolution (SN)
Zero Stroke – As The Colours Seep (ZD)

In the category for Best Single (A-Z):
Facing The Gallows – Filth (ZD)
Goat Throne – She Devil (SN)
Imperial Destruction- Sinner (SN)
Infanteria – We All Have Dreams (ZD)
Megalodon – Gravaton (SN)
Raptorbaby – The Lost (SS)
Red Helen – Suicide Notes and Bloodshot Eyes (SN, SS)
Set For The Sky – Live Your Life Like You’re On Fire (SS)
Subject To Slaughter – Ripening for Gorging (ZD)
The Drift – The Diseased (SS)
Tweak – The A Team (SS)
Wargrave – Suffering The Void (ZD)
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend – The Spear (SN)

In the category for Best Live Act (A-Z):
Boargazm (DA, SS, ZD)
Brafcharge (DA)
Devilspeak (ZD)
Megalodon (ZD)
My Columbine (DA, SN)
Ohgod (SN, ZD)
Only Forever (SS)
Raptorbaby (SS)
Red Helen (DA, SN, SS)
Riddlebreak (SS)
The Drift (DA)
Theatre Runs Red (SN, ZD)
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend (SN)

In the category for Best Newcomer (A-Z):
Aimed At You (DA, SN, SS)
Devilspeak (SN, ZD)
Fuera (ZD)
Goat Throne (SN, SS)
Gorous (DA, SN)
Lesuth (DA, SN, ZD)
Meek (SS)
Orchard (ZD)
Portraits Of Flesh (SS)
The Alpha Sequence (SS, ZD)

In the category for Best Metal Event (A-Z):
Darkest Hour CT 2015 (ZD)
Emalyth Art Expo 7: The Rapture 2015 (DA, SS)
Geraasplaas: Old Years 2015 (SN)
Halloween at Gandalf’s 2015 (ZD)
Krank’d Up 2015 (DA, SN, SS)
M.A.X Campaign: Take A Stand @ Gauteng (SS)
M4A SummerFest’15 @ Klein Libertas Theatre (ZD)
M4A WinterFest’15 @ The Assembly (ZD)
Slamfest 2015 (SN, SS)
Witchfest 2015 (SN, SS, ZD)

In the category for Best Death Metal (A-Z):
Beeldenstorm (SN, ZD)
Bleeding Spawn (DA, SS)
Dark Matter (DA)
Desolation (SN)
Devilspeak (ZD)
Envious Despair (SN)
Imperial Destruction (DA, SN, ZD)
Killatoria (DA)
My Columbine (SN)
Nerve Zero (DA)
SacriFist (SS)
The Fallen Prophets (SS)
Thread Of Omen (SS, ZD)
Vulvodynia (SS, ZD)

In the category for Best Black Metal (A-Z):
Bokgot (ZD)
Demogoroth Satanum (SS)
Lesuth (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Nebula Disrupt (DA, SN, ZD)
Spectral Realm (DA, SS)
Surdus (SN),
Theatre Runs Red (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Wildernessking (DA, SN, SS, ZD)

In the category for Best Thrash Metal (A-Z):
Arx (SN, SS)
Carnage Carnival (DA)
Deadline (SS)
Gunship (ZD)
Infanteria (SN, SS, ZD)
Ing (Infiltrate Neutralize Govern) (SN, ZD)
Junkyard Lipstick (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Killatoria (DA)
Wargrave (DA, SN, SS, ZD)

In the category for Best Core Metal (A-Z):
A Price On The King’s Head (SS)
All Will Fall (SS)
As We Fall (DA)
Atlantic South (ZD)
Betray The Emissary (ZD)
Conqueror (SN)
Displeased Disfigurement (SN)
Facing The Gallows (DA, SN, SS)
Freedom For Your Life (DA)
Peasant (ZD)
Red Helen (DA, SS)
Subject To Slaughter (ZD)
The Overmind (SN)
Vulvodynia (SN)
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend (DA, ZD, SS)

In the category for Best Alternative Metal (A-Z):
Conduit (ZD)
Deity’s Muse (SS)
Megalodon (SN)
Ohgod (SN, SS, ZD)
Only Forever (SS)
Poverty Of Ideals (DA)
Raptorbaby (SS)
Riddlebreak (DA, SN, SS, ZD)
Rukuz (SN)
Terminatryx (DA, SN, ZD)
With Dawn (ZD)

For more information on the awards ceremony taking place on 11 June, visit the official facebook event page, and to participate in the Public Polls, follow the link to the post below.