SAMMA: top 5 nominee poll results

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Johannesburg, South Africa: the South African Metal Music Awards hosted a public participation poll last week (May 29 to May 31) as the second phase in it’s three-phase selections process. Nearly 2000 people are recorded to have taken part. Today, the top 5 nominees from each category are revealed so that The SAMMA Panel can begin it’s task of selecting the overall victors.

The Independent Observer also picked out a few instances of error. There were three legal nominations submitted by individuals within the panel, but that through human error, the Organizer had failed to include into the public poll. The remedy as recommended by the Observer was to grant these bands the benefit of the doubt and to be included into the top 5 for final assessment and consideration by The SAMMA Panel. This proposed remedy was accepted by all three bodies: The Independent Observer, The SAMMA Organiser, and also The SAMMA Panel.

Therefore, three categories indicate a top 6. It will now be the responsibility of The SAMMA Panel to reduce each category to a Top 1. The formal announcements will be at the SAMMA 2017 Ceremony hosted as a free entry event at Rumours Rock City near Johannesburg on 01 July.

For more information on the rules and procedures of the SAMMA: SAMMA 2017 Operations Manual.
For more information on the body responsible for choosing: SAMMA 2017 Panel Members Oath.

A full disclosure of results at each phase of the selections process will be published only after the ceremony. In the meantime, results are kept strictly to The SAMMA Organizer and Independent Observer so as not to be allowed to bear any influence to The SAMMA Panel members’ thought processes in the task which lays ahead.

2017 Poll Results: listed in order of A-Z

1. Best Music Video

Last One Alive – Kiss The Ground
Nerve Zero – Till Death
Raptorbaby – The Group
Vulvodynia – Unparalleled Insubordination
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend – Jahan

2. Best Single

Black Math – Sunset
Megalodon – Dimorphism
Nerve Zero -Till Death
Raptorbaby – The Group
Vulvodynia – Unparalleled Insubordination

Update: SacriFist’s ‘Tyranny’ had to be removed on account of evidence coming to surface of this track already being released initially in 2015, and therefore not eligible for the 2016 date range.

3. Best EP

All We’ve Known – Human Nature
FreeXMoney – Bad Vibes
Monolith – Memory Palace
Riddlebreak – Collapsar
Wildernessking – Levitate

4. Best Album

Deity’s Muse – Convergence
Juggernaught – Full Grown Woman
Mezzanine Floor – Architecture of Aeons
Raptorbaby – Citadel
Vulvodynia – Psychosadistic Design

5. Best Newcomer

Aimed at You
Last One Alive

6. Best Live Act

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

7. Best Metal Event

Emalyth Arts Expo 8 : INFINITY
Iron Maiden SA Tour
Krank’d Up 2016
Ragnarok 2016
Wacken Metal Battle Finals 2016

8. Best Black Metal

Adorned in Ash
Nebula Disrupt
Spectral Realm
Theatre Runs Red

9. Best Death Metal

Bleeding Spawn
Maximum Carnage
My Columbine
The Fallen Prophets

10. Best Thrash Metal

Junkyard Lipstick

11. Best Core Metal

All We’ve Known
Red Helen
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

12. Best Alternative Metal

Black Math
Dirty Moonshine
Set for the Sky

13. Best Progressive Metal

Deity’s Muse
Mezzanine Floor