Saqar: ‘The Reckoning’ debut EP approaches

Saqar 2017 The Reckoning

Alexandria, Egypt: technical death metal lives in this city, taking form in the shape of Saqar. With the concept of the band begun as early as 2009 as a collaboration between guitarist Khaled El-Sisi and vocalist Bloodreaver. Saqar emerged as a full band only in 2015 with the sudden appearance of a facebook page and an early demo of the song ‘Deed Of The Serpent’.

This song, and another demo ‘Fear No Evil’ will be re-released as part of the band’s five-track debut EP The Reckoning, which arrives to the public listening space this coming Friday 17 March. Today, we’ve been given the artwork and tracklist to share in anticipation.

“About the artwork, I was very impressed with it. It’s rather symbolic. It’s all contributing to the album which is more or less religious.” ~ Khaled El-Sisi (guitars, Saqar)

The artwork, created by Dina Yacout, is a depiction of the Garden of Eden as a hellish inversion, featuring a burning scene populated with the Devil and a female figure reverently holding the forbidden fruit.

The track list for The Reckoning includes:

1) ‘Deed of the Serpent’
2) ‘Fear No Evil’
3) ‘Babel’
4) ‘Oblivion’
5) ‘Abyss’

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BRACE YOURSELVES! Our EP is coming! m/Album Art: Dina Yacout

Posted by SAQAR on Thursday, March 9, 2017