Saqar: ‘The Reckoning’ debut EP out now

Saqar 2017 The Reckoning

Alexandria, Egypt: technical death metal band Saqar has released it’s debut EP today with The Reckoning.

Although the band’s roots can be traced back to 2009 when founding members Khaled El-Sisi and vocalist Bloodreaver first united their creative forces, the development of the band has been plagued by interruptions which had delayed it’s unveiling for many years. Part of which included the difficulty in finding members able to play the music within the relevant locality, and also issues like mandatory military service. In 2015, the band appeared with it’s first demos; songs which now also appear on The Reckoning with ‘Deed Of The Serpent’ and ‘Fear No Evil’.

“They have been re-recorded, remixed and remastered from scratch using analogue amps and miking methods. So they are gonna sound completely different.” ~ Khaled El-Sisi (guitar, Saqar)

The Reckoning has been recorded and produced in Khaled El-Sisi’s own home studio in Alexandria where he has produced material for other bands as well. We asked Khaled about what influences his and Bloodreaver’s writing, since he places a strong emphasis on Saqar‘s songs as being very difficult to play.

“I have several influences that are in a way connected to each other, but mainly it’s neo-classical music. The technical part is influenced by Necrophagist, but I’d like to believe I’ve added to it and took it to another level with inclusion of some classical techniques to the rhythms, and using some complicated styles in the lead to give a certain mood.” ~ Khaled El-Sisi

Khaled further describes the band’s lyrical content as dealing with the epic struggle between good and evil within all of us, making reference to the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden and the Forbidden Fruit; the “first disobedience”. More detail on this was disclosed in our previous discussion with Saqar about the artwork by Dina Yacout.

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