SarcotrofiA: Obscene Extreme in Czech Republic

SarcotrofiA 2016

As 2016 unfolds, we learn of more metal originating from the continent of Africa heading abroad. Mozambican gore-death metal band SarcotrofiA are heading to the Czech Republic in July to appear at Obscene Extreme Metal Festival.

With the makings of the band being rooted back as far as 2006, there can be no better way for the still-evolving SarcotrofiA to celebrate a ten-year milestone of creativity than to have an opportunity to take their stamp of African gore abroad.

SarcotrofiA itself is still in embryonic phase, since the band comes from the ashes of another past band called Sarcomaticaposa founded in 2006. Then after several lineup changes, in 2013 we became SarcotrofiA from there until now we have been working hard trying to bring the best unexplored side of music of this musical genre in attempt to create an identity as SarcoptrofiA.” ~ Edgar ‘Goro’ Fast (drums, SarcotrofiA)

Goro explains the band’s desire to tour to not only Europe, but a specific interest in South African too. However, this trip to the Czech Republic will be their first time outside of Southern Africa.

“We are so thankful for the opportunity the Obscene Extreme festival organizer, Curby Miloslav, has given to us to share stage with all our idols and great bands out there. It’s going to be a memorable step to our carrier in the worldwide metal industry.” ~ Goro

With the excitement pulsing, Edgar describes how he is looking forward to an adventure and the opportunity to meet other musicians with whom ideas and techniques can be exchanged. More so, he and his band mates have a clear appetite to play for a different audience in a different atmosphere where cultures can be introduced and meet. Also, as the organizer of locally situated Gorofest (see article here), Goro is also eager to get to know some of the bands and people behind the scenes to learn more about how the metal scene works abroad. In terms of what he believes this might mean for local (Mozambican) metal, or African metal as a whole, there was more to say:

“Honestly, for the Mozambican industry, it means nothing. The fact is completely void since the Mozambican music industry and media is focused in the crap music, tropical and traditional vibes. At least, that is what it seems. It is still taught in Mozambique that to raise a metal band, it’s like swimming against the wind. But we are also lucky because we have a solid Mozie metal scene, so after working hard and making huge effort we are considered as a top listed metal band in Maputo/Mozambique, because we are the most prominent guttural band playing unique and different sort of music; so these musical differences gave us a huge boost in our Mozie scene.” ~ Goro

“It will probably give a boost for the African Metal Movement, since the world or the Europeans will get to know the African band and if they really like our shit, they will probably get to make a research and hunt for some more African bands and then it will make Africa a center of the attention – but now in the metal industry.” ~ Goro

Some of the bands from various parts of the world alongside which SarcotrofiA will be appearing include: Cattle Decapitation (USA), NervoChaos (BRA), Sodom (DEU), Vadar (POL), Excrementory Grindfuckers (DEU), Speed Noise Hell (JPN) and many more, making this a truly global experience compressed into a single location.

Also, at this time of publishing, Brazil’s NervoChaos who will also be appearing with SarcotrofiA in the Czech Republic are actually currently on tour in South Africa (see article here). For details on Obscene Extreme Metal Festival in the Czech Republic, visit the official facebook event page or official website.

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