Scarab and Anarchy to Film a Live DVD in November

Egypt is rapidly putting itself on the global metal map, both on the African continent and internationally! Earlier this year, Scarab performed at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival and Anarchy did a nationwide tour of South Africa to great acclaim! Now at the end of November, Anarchy and Scarab will be joining forces under the banner of IntenseSound Productions to film a live DVD! If you have been paying attention to either of these bands, this DVD promises to be a monster!

Once the recording and editing is complete, the DVD will be available to order worldwide. Keep an eye on Metal4Africa for details!

Brainslash 2 will be held at Cairo’s Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel on the 25th of December. More information can be found at Brain Slash 2’s Facebook event.


Watch the trailer for Brain Slash 2 below:

Tickets for Brainslash 2 can be bought at